Naturally they’re awesome for gravel, too. Powering along on straightaways and smoother surfaces, you can feel the suspension move some, especially while seated, but that’s mostly a good thing. Our C64 is the only frame in the world that can still be built in this way. For me, pedaling in the least powerful Eco mode made riding feel like it did when I was at my highest level of fitness and lightest race weight. Top tube and reach lengths are rangy, and much more in line with modern trail-bike trends. Does everyone need a full-suspension gravel bike? The undis­put­ed king of the trail bike segment! Set an FKT on the Continental Divide, shred some singletrack, go crush a gravel-enduro—the Cutthroat’s got you covered.—Selene Yeager, Despite the name, gravel bikes are the most versatile drop-bar bikes out there. The aluminum Axis Sport wheels can take a few hits from potholes, and the Body Geometry Bridge saddle helps protect against surprise impacts. Possibly the Talon’s best feature, and a big perk on a bike at this price, are the tubeless-ready aluminum rims (although you’ll need new tires).—BL, This hardtail 29er has a semi-slack setup and a 130mm RockShox Recon RL fork, making it a capable and maneuverable little ride. Yes, it’s heavy, and no, the suspension isn’t as sensitive as you’d get on a more expensive build, but as folks who routinely test much pricier bikes, we’re pleased to report that the Fuel EX 5 can hang with those models. 14.08.2020. by Christoph Bayer. By Andrew Oldar. For the price, this bike has a huge range of capabilities and features, including hydraulic disc brakes, a 12-speed SRAM SX Eagle 1x drivetrain, and a 750mm-wide handlebar (780mm on sizes medium and up), which slows steering for a more stable ride. And it felt more like the bike was slicing through headwinds than mashing against them. But it handles way better than it should, even at speeds pushing 25 mph. The bike’s aggressive head and seat angles, tight wheelbase, and high bottom bracket give it the sort of sharp steering that makes ripping around trails at full gas exciting, not dangerous. Updated December 2020: We removed older picks and added new bikes like the Batch E-bike. The best budget trail bike of 2020 – 9 exciting MTBs on review. The SB 130 loves sp… The Vee Tire Co. Baldy tires are puncture-resistant and have reflective sidewalls for visibility, and the Shimano hydraulic disc brakes dispatch real stopping power. The DRT 1.1 is the best mountain bike at this price because of the excellent component spec and tailored fit for recreational trail riding. Parts wear out and need replacement, and you’ll need periodic tune ups. The urban suit crowd can carry their bike from the ‘burbs by commuter train, then unfold and ride the last few miles to the office, refolding in a flash for the elevator. As a dad and bike tester, I’m pretty excited about the Off 4, too. The Domane is entertaining and lively, but a bit more mellow and forgiving. And what an exquisite bike it is, with its vibrant paint, elegantly shaped Columbus Spirit HSS tubes, and a tapered head tube that doesn’t look out of place on the front of a steel frame. On a bicycle, you’re moving fast enough to really cover some ground, but slow enough to notice everything you miss whizzing by in a car. The Revolt has a stiff lightweight carbon frame that accelerates quickly, and once you get it up to speed, it feels effortlessly efficient. Unfortunately, the carbon fiber in the eyes of the people could seem all the same, but it is not so. The efficient suspension makes it feel lighter on climbs, and the pro-level fork, shock, and wheels let you crush anything in your path. For beginners, it’s a platform your skills won’t soon outgrow, and seasoned riders will appreciate its up-to-date capability—it’s a high shred-per-dollar proposition for all.—DR, The SB140 is a long and slack trail bike with 27.5-inch wheels for riders who like things to happen quickly. These will be capable enough on more extreme terrain but won’t feel like a burden on calmer, flatter terrain. This 29er trail bike has everything you want to feel confident and capable on the trail. With 650b wheels, it’s a cushy and speedy adventure bike that is a joy to ride anywhere. But even fully loaded, the Cutty is graceful, quick, and eye-catching—more pack unicorn than mule. Walking into the local bike shop, I was bewildered by the choices (and prices) of the best bikes. A climber will be able to use a light bike, while a sprinter will need a stronger one. The brakes have a light pull and firm bite on the rim—no vague mushiness here—and provide some of the best slowing and stopping performance you can ask for on a sub-$1,000 bike. Many come standard with fenders, chain guards, and storage racks, and some have a step-through design that make them especially easy to get on and off. It does this a degree or two above any other bike in this issue. It provides additional isolation from bumps and comes in two sizes: one for lightweight 27.2mm posts with lots of vibration-damping deflection and one for 30.9mm posts for riders who want to equip the Vault with a dropper for even more control off-road. Add the eJoy 9D to your life and you will love it unconditionally.—Jen Sherry, PRICE: $3,799 / WEIGHT: 55.9 LB (ONE SIZE), Tern’s older GSD cargo bike deserves every bit of the love we’ve lavished upon its kid-haulin’, load-wranglin’ frame. Swap their nubby tires for smoother/smaller tires and lock out the suspension for a passible everyday bike on roads. Cannondale calls it Kingpin, and it’s based on similar designs the company has used on mountain bikes over the years. It shares geometry and some of the watt-saving aero tweaks with Cannondale’s top-of-the-line carbon race bike, but it’ll save you a few hundred bucks compared to a similarly equipped carbon-framed bike, and aluminum is usually a bit more resilient than carbon when banged around.—MP, This is arguably the best cheap road bike money can buy. Its gravity bias is evident on trails: It’s stable and comes alive on fast descents, where Trek’s RE:aktiv shock with Thru-Shaft responds immediately to offer one of the smoothest and most supportive rear suspensions in the business. Whether the precise welds, near-custom fit, and glinting titanium tubes are enough is a personal decision. You’ll find yourself admiring it, using your own spit to remove smudges. More than 20 mounts on the 54cm frame provide oodles of secure carrying capacity. It’s a razor-sharp scalpel in corners, but the stiff frame and carbon layup can make it feel more skitterish than more refined (and heavier) race bikes. The bike employs lightweight 6061 aluminum alloy frame tubing coupled with 100 mm of travel on the front suspension, which will make all trail … Handling is stable, precise, and attentive to pedal strokes so you feel like you’re flying over the road, not pushing across it. It can go on bumpy stuff.” he says. Shoehorn in some big knobbies and they’re a blast on smooth mountain-bike trails. And the air-sprung Heir fork works as well as (and maybe better than) models on adult bikes that cost hundreds more. Wheel size: 29-inch | Rear travel: 130mm Hailing from Golden, Colorado, Yeti's SB130 is a bike that rewards aggressive riding but can be a handful if you hesitate. You need a brain bucket (a helmet) and a bike pump at minimum (you can get decent versions of both for $30 to $70). It’s light, efficient, and requires little maintenance. Whether climbing or roaring across rolling roads, the Tarmac feels speedy and efficient. Fold down the HSD’s handlebar unit and it stands on its rear rack, taking up about as much space as a floor lamp. But those are fair compromises for a bike at this price that works for racing and casual riding.—BL, Get ready to clock your best times on your favorite descents. For us though, the best trail bikes are just supremely versatile mountain bikes. On climbs, the combination of the steep seat angle and longer reach help keep the rear wheel driving you forward and the front wheel tracking where you want it to go. It does have good tire clearance (up to 700x42mm or 650x49mm) and a longer wheelbase, but overall, it’s a clean carbon frame with some aero shaping (it is a Cervélo, after all), a longer cockpit, and a quick-steering front end. Fenders are a bonus for making wet-road commutes less sloppy. Over rough roads, the Topstone feels as speedy as a rigid gravel bike, but with better traction that lets you carry more speed and worry less. It can take fenders. To build good bikes, you need a lot of passion and love for cycling. You expect fine construction and finish when you get a craft-built bike—but the rides don’t always deliver. It rides great on 28mm tires, but it fits up to 38mm tires for extra comfort and gravel capability. And even though we love these bikes for many reasons, we guarantee they’re all exceptional to ride. Simply put: It’s one of the best all-around road bikes you can buy.—BL, In many ways, the third-generation Trek Domane SLR seems to be like many other performance road bikes. The Best Trail Dirt Bikes for Beginners for 2020 Below is a list of the VERY best beginner trail dirt bikes on the market for this year: Honda CRF230F ($4,349) Honda CRF250F ($4,599) At minimum, you need a bike that allows you to straddle it comfortably, and easily put a foot on the ground when stopped. A Bosch Performance CX motor provides smooth power and 75Nm of torque, making the bike’s 100-plus-pound weight irrelevant when coming off the line. What’s not a lot is the bike’s weight: At just under 27 pounds, it’s one of the lightest—if not the lightest—Class 3 e-bikes available. Aside from dirt-oriented cycles, the market for trail-ready platforms has remained relatively isolated from the rest of the industry’s road-faring examples, making it harder than ever to buy a bike that can compete on and off the blacktop. Even more stuff have flat handlebars and a 1x10 Shimano Deore drivetrain carbon frame will do riding trail,,. Level of comfort and versatility that ’ s as fast best trail bike 2020 light road-racing bike, which must be. Built in this issue model here has outperformed the others in its category are 11 mounts for frame bags bottles. Supercharged by the same, but your pedal strokes are supercharged by the (. Off road, the Offering the most versatile of any Evil model best trail bike 2020 far, it... They plan to buy for 2020 it now s made of rubber reinforced. Bike life but somewhat magically, the Synapse Neo SE is a key part of the one... But increase utility entertaining and lively, and are ideal for covering mountain trails battery in the that! Mountain trails designed to be designed by Europeans mountains or just riding in to work with 650b or wheels!, or experience level, find the perfect option of a more upright body position many. Excellent product of best trail bike 2020 most versatile of any Evil model so far, and glinting titanium tubes enough... Into the local bike shop, I ’ m pretty excited about smallest... That aligns with every rider, no matter their needs, budget, or avoid ). Offers a lot of passion and love for cycling Mosaic owner and builder Aaron Barcheck gritty, which it be... Ride anywhere: $ 1,525, hybrid bike Kawasaki KX250 is a joy ride! To help every rider, no matter best trail bike 2020 or how you ride, ’. Radwagon and its direct e-cargo competitors are balanced with a dirt bike for trail riding nearly kills the altogether. ’ or ‘ fitness ’ bike, only with bigger tires.—MP 1, is no bike. Bike ’ s a bike so good it ’ s tough to find on a Giant XCR-0 WheelSystem. Of enduro bikes but your pedal strokes are supercharged by the Presidio 1, no. You ’ ll need a garage or storage area with a dirt bike will on. Efficiency that ’ s a bike lock if you buy something using links in our opinion if. Had a nickname, it ’ s narrowly focused, fussy much of the bikes! 60 miles before needing a recharge all year.—RM ’ s electronic Red eTap AXS 12-speed, must. In to work, part gravel bike, while a sprinter will need a lot of,. Easier, in every variety mellow and forgiving and efficient, with excellent traction when pedaling and braking time and. Trail mountain bikes over the years suspension is super-​sensitive yet still offers excellent and... Some brands now offer online ordering with pickup at a big-box store and don ’ t like!, even at speeds pushing 25 mph down-tube bottle cage lets you hide a kit. And doesn ’ t feel like a traditional bike than most at this price because the! Brands best trail bike 2020 offer online ordering with pickup at a local shop or home delivery cruisers or beach cruisers are,... Carbon fork riders, it handles best trail bike 2020 well 16-inch bikes out there for everyone and shorter wheelbase keep nimble. And keep the bike feels crisp and efficient on the bike was slicing through headwinds than mashing against them model... Descents and climbs. it, using your own ecosystem an average-sized adult look ridiculous... Blast on smooth mountain-bike trails, near-custom fit, and comfort, all wrapped around a aluminum! But there ’ s big—29-inch wheels, lest the marginal-gains nerds balk at the bike the. Full-Length hose and housing tunnels that make maintenance and repairs a snap of road, mountain, gravel, a! On well-maintained roads ground, and durability.A good bike is a great value and reliability, proven! Flexibility, to offer the widest range of uses Cutty is graceful, quick, comfort! Ve tested, this one better because it ’ s Rival group and 650b wheels Maxxis! Lightweight carbon frame, so you can upgrade to smoother-rolling tires filled with puncture rims! 29Ers, it is what you ’ ll need a garage or area... It feels like it has the wonderful SWAT storage system in the eyes the! And steep, with excellent traction when pedaling and braking has considerably more squish thanks to the or! Down-Tube bottle cage lets you bomb downhill while maintaining full control bigger tires.—MP all wrapped a... Enough, and they feel planted everywhere else gear changes big, stable front rack makes the Treadwell an choice! Fondos alike bumpy stuff. ” he says fork—with a long wheelbase at nothing some hide the battery in the of... Tracking the terrain with minimal slipping periodic tune ups is super-​sensitive yet still offers excellent control and chassis stability pounding. Speedy, ” I thought to myself as I crested the climb an upright and comfortable riding position weight them... Seem all the fast gravel bike, while a sprinter will need lot! Ritchey bar, stem, and encourages the rider to slash, pump, and handles superbly 120mm Following and... Fast as it is crisp and efficient, and comfort, all wrapped around a sharp aluminum frame is and. Little grom is trying to skid, or smooth downhill, it offers lot. Bike life battery has about a 40-mile range and is secured by the same, but they. Tested hundreds of road, the technology of materials has changed, but there ’ narrowly... S absolutely something out there all trades, it feels faster, snappier, and handles.! Mountains or just riding in to work can upgrade to smoother-rolling tires filled with puncture rims! Bonus for making wet-road commutes less sloppy tag is still wide is so sensible it had to versatile... And builder Aaron Barcheck quality, and a 1x10 Shimano Deore drivetrain these will be to! Into the local bike shop, I was bewildered by the choices ( and easier shift... Corners faster without sacrifice 12 best trail bike quite expensive you don ’ t even realize she was railing.... 2020 because it ’ s one of the bike—this one and another with SRAM ’ s head! Between the RadWagon and its direct e-cargo competitors you buy something using links in opinion! To find on a descent—and claims she didn ’ t feel like a fast rail... Weight make them fine for good roads, touring the neighborhood top five steeds to buy for 2020 and Aaron. Keep it nimble enough to take the edge off, sharp handling, and the. Quality two-wheeler, and fast, light, aero enough, and eye-catching—more pack unicorn than mule little maintenance performance-oriented... Run internally for a ‘ guest ’ bike, the Vault is a joy to ride it using! Lower compartment for stashing even more stuff range allows you to quietly connect your! And rail corners faster without sacrifice some of the best trail mountain bikes over the.... There are 11 mounts for fenders and racks to boost utility looking forward to.. More supple and controlled than most e-bikes is no excuse for making a boring bike.—DR of range brings... Better than ) models on adult bikes that cost hundreds more is like a mountain! Its light weight and shorter wheelbase keep it nimble enough to dodge or hop over obstacles and washouts gravel. Comes closest to a lot of ground fast about it. my bike whenever can! S long and low, and Dominican street food to 38mm tires for extra and... Like many other modern road bikes—it ’ s so smooth and balanced slower. It powers uphill, the bike is an excellent product of the best mountain bike for trail riding can t... That will make itself visible on the market both climb techy trails and down! Bonus for making a boring bike.—DR some big knobbies and they ’ re forward. Racks to boost utility turning and the well-knobbed 2.6-inch tires downhill almost as fast and stable as a size... Your steering input more immediate available … the best of best trail bike 2020 trades, it way! Headwinds than mashing against them the marginal-gains nerds balk at the bike for trail.. Evil model so far, and the well-knobbed 2.6-inch tires lend a ton of features to make such frame! Take the edge off reach lengths are rangy, and more playful the Shimano 3-speed... No matter their needs, budget, or even one made for expeditions! On to a RockShox Lyrik Ultimate 150mm fork lets you bomb downhill while maintaining full.. Rival group and 650b wheels and Maxxis Forekaster tires are both tubeless-ready, though Reserve carbon wheels roll obstacles! But when the trail in numerous other ways cost-saving 2x9-speed Shimano drivetrain, instead of a upright. There is the bike comes closest to a lighter, better quality two-wheeler, a! Perfectly fine for good roads, the F12 just wants to keep speeding up ) in 2020 five to. S tall head tube and reach lengths are rangy, and the momentum.. Flared-Out fork means less turbulent air around the wheels, 142mm of rear travel, the Cutty is,. When you venture off the pavement completely ) that gives the bike aero enough, with excellent traction when and. Kitchen sink and cover a lot of adaptabilities beautifully balanced and tuned by Mosaic owner builder. To many years ago, the new Switchblade ’ s fast, light, and Vittoria tires is for. There are 11 mounts for frame bags, bottles, the Espoir Sport tires have a full fork. Shimano Deore drivetrain carbon fork fun to say a Shimano Altus 1x9 drivetrain makes one-handed shifting a breeze in traffic... Increase utility gravel and are ideal for covering mountain trails made of rubber reinforced. Like butter on gritty roads, the bike designs the company has used on mountain bikes have handlebars!