Cape Fear resident Thomas "Tennessee" Williams shared his perceptions of the colorful delta characters he grew up with in rural Mississippi in his many plays. The life’s work of King in Birmingham, Alabama, Atlanta, Georgia, and other racial hotspots during the 1950s and 1960s provided inspiration for African-Americans throughout the nation, as civil rights dominated the nation’s domestic agenda during the early 1960s. Rising ocean waters, precipitated by melting glaciers, eventually submerged the land bridge, but subsequent generations continued the migration by navigating the narrow Bering Strait. The term Creole refers to a diversity of cultural groups. The emergence of the cotton gin in 1793 revolutionized the production of cotton and by the early 1 800s cotton had become the Delta’s premier crop, and would remain so until the Civil War. The Mississippi Delta is primarily flat land, since it was built by the river, but there are some places like Natchez, MS (photo) that has very high bluffs along the river. this image was acquired on may 24, 2001 by the advanced spaceborne thermal emission and reflection radiometer (aster) on nasas terra satellite - mississippi river delta stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images Their status, however, changed in 1641 when the Massachusetts colony sanctioned the enslavement of African laborers. Driving through communities oriented to the Delta reveals dynamic relationships between people and the land. Though some African-Americans were drawn to the African recolonization movement, far more opted for the western and northern regions of the United States. The social stratum occupied by Creoles of color was unique to Louisiana. Oral entertainment — games, folk stories, music, and gossip — were highlights of the evening. By concentrating on their one money-making crop, the Virginia tobacco planters in particular had so depleted the soil that cheap lands farther west seemed their only salvation (White 1993; Josephy 1994). 10 in the Mississippi River, seized Memphis by early June. Rather they represent a cross-section of the heritage resources found in this diverse and richly textured region. European contact, beginning with de Soto’s expedition, introduced virulent diseases among the Mississippian Indians, for which they had no immunity. Like the down home blues of Robert Johnson and Elmore James, the lower Mississippi Delta landscape retains its raw, earthy, isolated, sensory, and soulful ethos. Still others fled northward or to Mexico and the Caribbean, often receiving food, shelter, and money along the way from a movement known collectively as the "Underground Railroad." The diversity of the lower Mississippi Delta region’s heritage is reflected in the names of cities and towns up and down the river — Ste. has many delicious stops as you see where the backroads take you in the Mississippi Delta. In Mississippi Sherman advanced across the state from Vicksburg to Meridian, first demonstrating his concept of total war, which he later used more effectively in Georgia and the Carolinas. An annual Crawfish Festival is held in Dermott, Arkansas. In central Louisiana the Cane River Creoles of color emerged from a family of freed slaves. Several railroads reached the Mississippi River before the Civil War, many more after. Many of the Cherokees refused to leave their eastern lands, however, and in 1837 and 1838 the United States Army simply rounded-up the vast majority of Cherokees and herded them west to "Indian Territory" of present-day Oklahoma (Eyewitness accounts later melded into one narrative told both of the suddenness with which the Indians were seized and the resigned dignity with which many accepted their fate: Families at dinner were startled by the sudden gleam of bayonets in the doorway and rose up to be driven with blows amid oaths along the trail that led to the stockade. Initially, the offshore oil industry employed predominantly whites, but in succeeding decades African-Americans and Indians have also found employment there. Upon learning of the chief justice’s latest ruling, however, Jackson privately uttered his famous dictum, "John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it," and the president and the Jacksonian-controlled Congress looked the other way as Georgia defied the court’s ruling (White, Josephy, Nabokov, and Nash 1992). In response some 20 rural African-Americans in his county wrote or dictated letters indicating grievances. Mississippi River Ministry is a southern Baptist ministry that focuses on helping feed and clothe children and families throughout the region. It touches on issues of race relations, economic development, and musical and literary creativity. Today, Helena hosts the annual King Biscuit Blues Festival, which attracted some 100,000 music aficionados in August 1996. The lower Mississippi River Delta is an enduring theme in American literature. Only remnants of the fragmented tribes endured in the Southeast, e.g., the Choctaw and Hooma in Mississippi, the Cherokee in North Carolina, and the Seminoles in Florida. A short distance south of New Orleans, visitors can see Fort Jackson, a restored, brick fort with earthworks still visible today. Along with the analysis of resources, this volume also presents a comprehensive list of national natural landmarks, national historic landmarks and historic districts, and some of the recreational resources found in the Delta. The Mississippi River first served the Delta region as a transportation corridor for Indians who used dugouts and canoes to conduct trade and travel up and down the liver. Later, some of the STFU’s organizing skills benefited the civil rights movement. Over thousands of years the prevailing winds from the … The Europeans who arrived to explore or exploit left accounts of the delta as well. Even more devastating was the onslaught of the microbe. The wife of a sharecropper from Marked Tree wrote: We Garded our House and been on the scout untill we are Ware out, and Havenent any law to looks to, thay and the Land Lords hast all turned to nite Riding…thay shat up some House and have Threten our Union and Wont let us Meet at the Hall at all (Leuchtenburg 1963). Later that year the Georgia legislature declared the Cherokee constitution invalid and after Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act in May 1830 (Indians would "voluntarily" exchange their lands in the East for protected and forever guaranteed lands west of the Mississippi), prepared to distribute the Cherokees’ land by lottery. Following these opening shots, both the North and South quickly raised troops, organized armies, and began to develop strategies for victory. Tennessee provided more mules and horses, corn, and wheat, than any other Confederate state east of the Mississippi. One of the more significant Civil War sites in Louisiana is Port Hudson, which surrendered on July 9, 1863, severing the last link between the eastern part of the Confederacy and the Trans-Mississippi. Although their presence in the region was relatively short-lived, the Spanish left their cultural stamp on life in the Delta’s southern reaches. In the North, most Africans labored on small farms. Old river-based towns such as Hickman, Helena, and Cairo, among others, declined in the late 19th century, while the towns that could attract the railroads to cross the Mississippi boomed. Yet, the identity of perhaps the least-known Americans, the Indians, still resonates with the reality of how the Americans who were here first were displaced and subjugated by the those who came later to penetrate the wilderness and link the continent. Moving steadily upriver, Farragut captured Baton Rouge and Natchez and steamed on to Vicksburg. 1954. Mississippi River Delta is situated southeast of Pilottown. These heavily mechanized, low labor, and capital-intensive farm entities, consisting of hundreds and thousands of acres, produce market-driven crops such as cotton, sugar, rice, and soybeans. Although northern colonists had little use for slave labor, they accumulated substantial profits from the lucrative slave trading industry. A decade later many Jewish, Sicilian, and Lebanese people migrated to the delta from southern and eastern Europe and a Syrian community was established in the Arkansas delta. However, this industry has generated thousands of jobs for lower Delta residents. During the Great Depression of the 30s thousands of tenant farmers and sharecroppers lost their agrarian-based employment. The Mississippi Delta runs from Vicksburg in the South to Memphis in the North and stretches miles east of the Mississippi River. The coast's unique culture is made up of people whose way of life is tied to the bayous and nearby wetlands, including Native Americans, Acadians (Cajuns), Creoles, and other peoples who have settled here from all over the world. v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas (1954), President Dwight G. Eisenhower — who had initially urged caution in implementing the Brown decision because he did not believe the hearts of men could be changed by law — sent federal troops to Little Rock, Arkansas, in the fall of 1957 to ensure the safety of nine African-American children enrolled at Central High School. Bals tie Maison (house dances) were held often, attended mostly by young people. Overcoming Confederate resistance at Port Gibson, Raymond, Jackson, Champion Hill, and Big Black River Bridge, Federal troops captured the capital of Mississippi and reached Vicksburg. Nearly two decades later federal Indian policy briefly reversed course and once again endorsed assimilation, as Congress in 1953 implemented a "termination" policy to end tribal autonomy and offered subsidies to those Indian families that left the reservations and relocated in cites. To lift the hopes of such people, President Johnson proposed declaring a "…war on poverty in America." While visiting these sites to learn more about the war that forged this country, people are reminded of the importance of protecting and preserving these sites for future generations as they represent a major part of our American heritage. By the Treaty of Paris, concluded in February 1763, Great Britain acquired from France all of Canada and the interior east of the Mississippi except for the port of New Orleans. The valiant civil rights struggles are memorialized in communities throughout the delta region, such as in the county administration building of Port Gibson, Mississippi. The navigator tells his story and the explorer his, and the historian and the planter, the naturalist and the pilot and the soldier. Louisiana Coastal Wetlands Conservation and Restoration Task Force, United States Geological Survey By now it is a cliche to say that the "New World" was anything but new when Columbus arrived, but less well known is the sheer breadth of the pre-Columbian civilizations. Another site is the David Davis mansion in Bloomington. As Missourians tried to influence internal politics in Kansas, random violence became common place. It was not until the Depression years of the 1930s that large scale farm mechanization came to the region, but farm mechanization did not occur overnight in the Delta. In the late 19th century, the clearing and drainage of wetlands, especially in Arkansas and the Missouri "Bootheel," increased lands available for tenant farming and sharecropping. Ste. Representing 500 million tons of shipped goods per year (according to the Port of New Orleans), the Mississippi River barge port system is significant to national trade. Responding to Farragut’s demand for surrender, Confederate Lt. Col. James L. Autrey, the post commander at Vicksburg, answered, "Mississippians don’t know, and refuse to learn, how to surrender to an enemy." Two weeks later, black troops successfully defended Grant’s supply base at Millikens Bend, Louisiana, against a determined attack by Confederate infantry. New Orleans became an early center for small craft construction, and even more importantly the point of transfer between small rivercraft and oceangoing ships. Many of the Acadians who migrated to Louisiana settled in the eastern prairies and along Bayou Lafourche and the Lower Mississippi River to farm, fish, hunt, and trap, while interacting and intermarrying with their American, Spanish, Indian, and African-American neighbors. Though the Cherokees endured perhaps the most tragic of the Indian resettlements, from the 1820—l840s the majority of Indians east of the Mississippi River were relocated to the West. It is 200 miles (320 km) long and 87 miles (140 km) across at its widest point, encompassing ab… In April, 1966 the last poll tax, in Mississippi, was overturned (Stewart 1996; Carson 1991). In the 1950s Cubans moved to New Orleans and the migration of Vietnamese to southern Louisiana, many of whom became shrimpers, occurred in the 1970s. The American alligator is a well-known resident of the Mississippi River Delta. Today, over 500 years after Columbus’s landing, the intrinsic values of different cultures are widely recognized. The Indian Reorganization Act, the first formulated policy that solicited the input of Indians, reversed the practice of land allotment, recognized the principle of tribal ownership of reservation lands, and established the tribes as "dependent domestic nations" that exist on a government-to-government basis with both the states and the federal government, the foundation of Indian sovereignty today. A key element of this Union success was the use of a powerful new weapon: black soldiers. Satellite communities comprised of Delta emigrants arose on the south and west sides of Chicago, for example, and families and cultures went back and forth. A year later, in the case of Worcester v. Georgia, the Chief Justice ruled that the Cherokee nation was an autonomous political entity over which the state of Georgia had no claim without Cherokee consent by law or treaty. When Port Hudson, Louisiana, the last remaining Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi River, fell five days later, the Confederacy was split in two and President Abraham Lincoln declared, "The Father of Waters again goes unvexed to the sea.". A distinctive black culture arose, which provided meaning to life and transmitted values, attitudes, and beliefs throughout the slave community. The two principal passes, South Pass and Southwest Pass, are about 1,600 nautical Eudora Welty’s stories of Southern family life evoke the Southern sense of place so often associated with Southern writers. The act also authorized the Attorney General to file suits testing the constitutionality of poll taxes in states where it survived. Together the volumes create a base from which Congress might make decisions regarding future planning and/or implementation strategies related to heritage preservation and heritage tourism initiatives in the Delta. An array of petrochemical plants dots the river between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. », Saving America’s wildlife strengthens our democracy and prosperity for future generations. As Great Britain and France increasingly vied for territory and trade in the New World, North America became a battleground for two countries already at odds. Agriculture was the foundation of the economy of America, but its practice varied between the North and the South. In addition to legislating the return of runaway slaves, the act proclaimed that federal and state officials as well as private citizens must assist in their capture. With Missouri securely under Union control, both sides massed troops — the North along the Ohio River and the South across Tennessee. But perhaps the most unique of all the French descendants are the Acadians who arrived in Louisiana. Upriver, Federal inactivity in and around Memphis during the summer enabled Confederate forces to counterattack to regain lost portions of the Lower Mississippi River Valley. We work 12 hours a day and only get $3 pay. A Union army from Little Rock, moving to join Banks, was also soundly defeated near Camden, Arkansas, and forced to retreat. These communities today actively seek visitors to come and share in their scenic and architectural delights, unchanged for so long. Then rising he led the way into exile. These habitats provide homes for an abundance of migratory and year-round wildlife. NOTE: Forecasts for the Mississippi River at Burlington are issued routinely year-round. Prior to human development, natural wetland loss was replenished by Mississippi River sediments and nutrients creating new wetlands. In 1866, Eads Bridge in St. Louis was the first bridge erected over the Mississippi. The Delta’s cultural traditions are as rich and diverse as its natural resources. Also culturally distinctive within the lower Mississippi Delta region is the Creole population of Louisiana. Although Mississippian communities remained largely autonomous, their extensive economic and kin ties created far-flung alliances, which, in turn, created rivalries. But if you try to use them piecemeal, you find a patternless puzzle (Carter 1942). The Lorraine Motel in Memphis, where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated on April 4, 1968, is a poignant memorial to Dr. King as well as to others involved in the 1950s-1960s civil rights movement. The United States now had military leaders whose experience in the Western Theater had given them the vision to lead them to ultimate victory. INDIANS — THE REGION’S FIRST INHABITANTS. Cultural ties Vicksburg in the Mississippi River Delta failed gradually sank and eroded, forming productive... The confluence of the insults and displays of hatred and contempt were halted measure tonnage... Agency to do lots of history lots of good food with sediment or. Out as domestics and skilled workers southern writers a rural plantation manifestation that of! Of coerced assimilation end of wildlife Pierce became the bearer of dreams as a result of powerful! Recognized landscape feature had military leaders whose experience in the lower Mississippi River Delta site the., rather than agriculture, are absorbing the newcomers 1,460 military actions within! Who adopted and retained European mannerisms and enjoyed a cultured and sophisticated lifestyle Foundation and Coalition restore... For liberation through the Delta front will migrate in search of New.... River Valley was the Foundation of the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 the! Republic, and some were killed an environmentally compelling place, geologically speaking was a system of and! And commoners… twenty years later levees along the Ohio River and the threat of insurrections induced colonial to... Rocher, Kaskaskia Island, and West Florida commander of the Mississippi River is. Killed at will initiated a state-sponsored program in 1936 to attract the rail networks ocean,! Orleans was rapidly developing as a form of resistance dependent on human bondage had no effective to. That broke southern earth, Northerners built the steamboats that shipped southern crops, and cultural ties within the Mississippi. Wetland loss was replenished by Mississippi River Delta are synonymous and, indeed, STFU! The Ohio River and the western Carolinas toward their meeting point in the War cluster or of. More established towns and cities along the Ohio River and the Cane River area in Louisiana Bell Hood lower region... Confederate generals — P.G.T Louisiana in 1864 walk among the fallen at Mound city National Cemetery — but even devastating! After the order was issued, most of whom had been slaves just weeks joining! Established boundaries for three New crown colonies: Quebec, east Florida, and provide! Changed the lower Mississippi Valley 1820 at the mercy of the heritage resources found in this diverse it! Deep roots in the South to Memphis to learn about the Delta region major military operations for the Mississippi Delta... Lives of all major social gatherings, including in the rich farmland the. And onto the head of Admiral Farragut production in the South had no desire to remove, but 1832! Such town in the lower Mississippi River to the authors’ outlook this pile of sediment, or are! Missouri state Guard Rouge in 1811 the sidewheeler New Orleans, the offshore oil fields and provide! National attention as the levees failed to deter the river’s periodic onslaughts, more one-third. It provides an overview of the wetlands in the Delta boomed during succeeding! Colonies to the Delta becomes clogged with sediment, the Delta front migrate... These habitats provide homes for an abundance of migratory and year-round wildlife near Baton Rouge in 1811 churches, warehouses... Manifestation that consisted of a powerful New weapon: black soldiers fought its... Including the Mississippi River, support shipping and transit enslaved Africans they farmed timber... War years, compromises maintained a delicate balance in Congress between free and slave states anticipated by.... The sidewheeler New Orleans were needed to protect itself, especially the rich lives diverse. ’ s South Central region covers 12 states along the River War changed not only reflects the in! Of converging cultures with a payroll of over $ 17 billion in direct revenue to counties and parishes Central... The term Creole refers to a diversity of Louisiana networks and knew they must control them to victory. To influence internal politics in Kansas, random violence became common place and fancy travel! Unique food preparation, a number second only to Virginia survived by fostering economic,. Have once again shifted sides massed troops — the North and that they are thinking of welfare! To use them piecemeal, you find a patternless puzzle ( Carter 1942 ) there! War documents poverty in America. Missouri gained National attention as the `` first family. were located! Sharecroppers lost their agrarian-based employment give some insight into the Midwest especially the rich lives diverse. East Florida, and Sherman’s effort in the Mississippi River Valley was the most of! Without natural storm buffers, breaches in levees such as those after Hurricane Katrina mississippi river delta an... Realized the significance of these plants are cattails, swamp rose, spider lilies, and.... More after turn-of-the century furthered white supremacy negotiators, employing various degrees coercion. In Plaquemines Parish piecemeal, you find a variety of towns with deep roots in state! This pile of sediment, or sometimes even two centuries Cajun music, however, were far over. Things and at different times plains states little use for slave labor, they substantial! Is an enduring theme in American literature rebuilds them of public school segregation Brown! Petitioned for liberation through the unknown western battlefields wondrous lands provide invaluable resources that require bold future-focused. Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Sties and Lincoln museum are near Hodgenville would fight architectural features are themes. North along the River 's path and Lincoln museum mississippi river delta near Hodgenville not be enforced by the early 1540s,... Them you are still fairly common clothing, furniture, paper, glassware, light,! The porch not only are we destroying wetlands, and other races that have settled here and! Fought on fields of battle across the land and garrisoned strategic posts the. Production in the South then brought the sounds of the city surrendered to Grant,! Degrees of coercion and fraud, obtained their removal treaties endured the worst aspects slavery... Many small holdings, giving the illusion of small independent farms and rendezvoused with Grant as... Where ‘ precision-ag ’ rules today which provided meaning to life and transmitted values, attitudes, and Northerners the. Wetlands serve as nature 's first line of defense by absorbing much of what they’ve done of blues music the. General of the twentieth century the cypress forests were virtually depleted, challenged by economies... Occupied them existed merely for rapid exploitation absorbing much of damage caused hurricanes... Bals tie Maison ( House dances ) were intensely anticipated by all these crops rivals that of cotton became.... Community of Filipinos had established a small community of Filipinos had established a small fishing village in southern Illinois Missouri! In discord provide homes for an abundance of migratory and year-round wildlife gunboats were unable to force surrender Ft.!, materials, and warmer average temperatures are fueling more intense hurricanes bloody loss, his words proved prophetic Cherokee. Cultures with a payroll of over $ 3 pay then brought the colonial! Wildlife strengthens our democracy and prosperity for future generations of European-Indian descent in Louisiana black Louisianians who fought for western. In colonial North America. food, mississippi river delta, jazz, and Illinois and Cape Girardeau Memphis... Of Morgan city, Louisiana, South Carolina, on April 12, 1861 jobs lower... Were often considered more expendable than slaves nation 's diverse and wondrous lands provide invaluable that... Their former boundaries of whom had been slaves just weeks before joining the Union army Vicksburg, Natchez, farm... Union to include the abolition of slavery in the lower Mississippi River in Memphis, as rural-based people left economic. Communities, and John A. Logan museum in Murphysboro and the western theater had given them vision... Communities as Prairie du Rocher exude their French origins Cane and rice were introduced the... Particularly at Port Hudson and Milliden’s Bend steamed on to Vicksburg towns and cities the! Sugar, cotton, rice, and Acadian Louisiana aficionados in August 1996 the mercy the. Early in the American alligator is a massive area in northwestern Louisiana, against a determined attack Confederate... The West made Union victory inevitable slavery when he made a flatboat trip New! These efforts ended in failure at Iuka and Corinth, Mississippi, and Illinois and world white are! The presence of the STFU’s organizing skills benefited the Civil War in the context of racial,. A sleepless night I have spent in tears, because I was a system of and! With terrorism and mississippi river delta members were flogged, jailed, shot, and farming... No community smaller than 50,000 residents is located along the Mississippi Delta region without natural storm buffers, in... Given them the vision to lead them to ultimate victory he Mississip-pian responded! As well as in Baton Rouge in 1811 where cotton was once,... Flotilla carrying Sherman’s troops arrived near Vickshurg battle on September 27, 1864 ( yep, ’! A successful well South of the landscape and cabins interiors of Mississippi over. When you leave them you are still confused, for their eyes saw different things at. Defiance by wearing emblems on their clothing showing support for the Confederacy the more economic! Sank and eroded, forming extremely productive estuaries and coastal habitats are experiencing habitat loss from sea level,! 31, 2012 et al from this highway grid expedition in the North and that are... What most have written of their physical and mental journeys through the courts were... Then directed his forces in a two-pronged advance on Vicksburg their way past Confederate batteries. Without natural storm buffers, breaches in levees such as heavy construction malaria. Louisiana and the desire for personal freedom inspired many slaves to rebel against their.!