Vess DeRogna only deeply rests while the Midnight Carnival entertains. for whatever reason, Vess DeRogna not immediately identifying the Might Nein is hilarious to me. fucking love the m9 Jester: Hey Essek~ we may have been involved in the murder of Vess Derogna-Essek taking a bubble bath: Nov 20, 12:31 am. Meanwhile, Cad and the others have been pondering what questions to ask Vess DeRogna now that Caduceus can talk to her again. He moved to L.A. also, started coordinating more than he had previously (despite the fact that he actually acts, too). Yasha examines the body: it’s clear that Vess was killed by something violent and sudden. ... That farret or weasels should be dead. At first I thought the Nein should probably use Raise Dead - until the tattoos and the very revealing conversation that shows she was a creepy cultist. Beau, Caleb, and Jester noticed that the invaders' swords looked like Fjord's old falchion. What is Somnovem? #vess derogna #critical role #delilah briarwood #CritRole. unrelated to the above post, but another theory for the city itself I’m considering is that it IS the survivors of Aeor’s crash. This is what I imagine Vess Derogna was doing during the fight in her mansion and y'all can’t prove me wrong critical role cr m9 cr spoilers vess vess derogna Youtube 28 notes 16.75 hours of footage lovingly combed through for every breadcrumb. lol the Mighty Nein are gonna present Vess DeRogna’s corpse to Essek like a cat bringing home a dead bird critical role cr spoilers c2e117 cr liveblog lol Essek look what we brought u the mighty nein vess derogna grogblogging. It is a key to Cagnossa. The Caduceus symbol is ancient and has been used for many life times. Dead!Vess: “Nonagon is a vessel. critical role. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Harsh truths and mics were dropped, the latter by mushroomy firbolgs. The group makes it clear that he has a long way to go to prove his loyalty and their trust comes hard, though they do have hope for him. ... Vess DeRogna’s actions in the latest episode helped solidify an … In the morning, Veth talks to Yeza and disguises self as Vess DeRogna, asking if he knows her. After Eiselcross, if the world isn’t in imminent danger after the return of the floating city, the M9 could attempt to break into Vess’s house in Rexxentrum and try to look for evidence. Jester helms the third speak with dead, disguised as the elven woman and pretending that she forgot their plan’s next steps. Caleb explains that creatures from the sea attacked. Vess seems like the kind of person who would just hire competent yet disposable mercenaries at the expedition and take everything useful she could get before they die. Also, not sure if this was address but Beau repeatedly mentions that Vess is dead right in front of Dagen during their … He is an actor and director, known for Overwatch (2016), Resident Evil: Damnation (2012) and Critical Role (2015). The Mighty Nein were also present to witness Trent attempted to retrieve the first beacon taken back by the Dynasty agents; this is the beacon the party ultimately returned to the Queen herself. DeRogna … tiberius was feebleminded ... or do you just wake up from being dead with a thirst for blood and a life debt to a terrifying crypto-god? Vence snorts, though it only makes him sound more on edge as he slides away in the direction of his measly pile of belongings. DeRogna told the Nein about Aeor, a fallen city in Eiselcross that potentially has tech that was created to destroy gods. Matthew Mercer was born on June 29, 1982 as Matthew Christopher Miller. with the latest episode and matt’s performance in mind, lucien still retained similar mannerisms and personality traits to mollymauk, but he had a different driving force, a different moral compass. Last time: TM9 went to Rexxentrum to meet Vess DeRogna, who wishes to hire them to go north to Aeor as bodyguards. tagged: lmao. Vess went to stand - and almost immediately collapsed, Caleb having to rush forward to catch her before she face planted into the floor. And life is long gone. Caduceus and Jester revive Fjord and Orly. Matthew Mercer, Actor: Overwatch. But also, the idea of having to explain that to Vess Derogna with the eldritch equivalent of “oof sorry thats Fjord’s ex” would be absolutely hilarious. Even if we don’t wanna go that route, Vess is dead. With her dead and in the amber, they can attempt to stop Lucien and afterwards they can still resurrect her and just say that they went to stop/catch her killer. Trent was one of the people involved in the Dynasty’s beacons, as also were Ludinus and Vess DeRogna (per Essek). What do the 9 eye tattoos mean? He tells them not to give too much information to the Martinet and that Vess DeRogna is extremely clever… Okay, logically speaking, being attacked by Ukatoa at this juncture would be terrible. fed our rations to a sea creature. Caduceus casts speak with dead on Vess. honestly i am of the mind that mollymauk was not a wandering soul trapped in lucien’s body. This is Lady Vess DeRogna. They probably should have reported the result of scrying to DeRogna, but there's no doubt that she was already dead at that point, and for more than a minute. Yet here we are, 5 days into the journey and Vess is still dead inside Caleb’s amber vault. His confusion only grew as she dissolved into nervous giggles, Vess mumbling something that sounded like “have tits,” but he wasn’t able to catch the rest. This actually works, as the dead fisherman tells her that the orb and the “betrayer” are one and the same and to find the betrayer and take the body to the final seal. If Yasha had her body, DeRogna would be dead before she could even lay a finger on her. Last Time: TM9 return to Nicodranas from Traveler Con to see Marion, see Veth's family, shop, and do research. She doesn’t need to waste her energy controlling her illusions and binding the creatures while Vence can channel the power of belief through his honeyed tongue, so she normally takes this time to fall into a solid sleep. >:(vess derogna shitpost the mighty nein god i love this post so much. The destruction of Aeor. Vess being dead is a problem in the settlement they're about to leave, and they lose their big fat payday if they don't bring her back, but I don't think it'll ruffle any feathers with the Assembly in general.