Where Do I Live

Автор: Orchard Toys
Издавач: orchard toys | Јазик: English | Година: 2016
Оригинален наслов: Where Do I Live | Бр. на страни: 0 | Димензии: 26 x 5 x 22.5 cm | Корица: /

Where Do I Live? is a fun animals of the world lotto, where players develop their knowledge and understanding of the world as they match different animals to their habitats. Children will enjoy talking about the unusual animals from around the world, including turtles under the sea, camels in the desert, monkeys in the jungle and polar bears in the arctic. To finish the game, children must find their matching explorer card! Double-sided boards feature fun and interesting animal and habitat facts, such as "Polar bears actually have black skin. It is their furry coats that make them look white, as the hollow hairs reflect light!" These are perfect for educational discussion once the game is complete. Contents: 4 double-sided boards 24 animal cards 4 explorer cards 1 instruction leaflet Educational Benefits: Encourages Discussion Develops Knowledge and Understanding Develops Matching and Memory Skills Encourages Observational Skills Develops Personal and Social Skills

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