But for a capable and well-rounded hardtail that’s built to last, the Timberjack is hard to beat.See the Salsa Timberjack XT 29. The 26″ wheels may be small, but the 21-speed settings and durable steel frames are remarkably attractive. Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes. Finally, the SB130 is impeccably built and easily one of the best-looking bikes around, sporting Yeti’s famous turquoise-colored frame. It comes with a mechanical lockout damping. Class 3 is considered a speed pedelec (it still needs rider input) but features a higher assisted top speed of 28 miles per hour (Class 1 bikes stop assisting at 20 mph). Tap Compare. The best electric mountain bikes are almost de rigeur now but it wasn't always so. In contrast to premium brands like Santa Cruz or Yeti, YT Industries has built its popularity around offering big-time value. Some of our favorite fat bikes include the Kona Wo for year-round cruising and Salsa’s carbon Beargrease for more aggressive riding and winter-time racing. We’ve spent more than a year thrashing it around the Pacific Northwest and came away thoroughly impressed by its plush rear suspension design and all-around refinement. Good. In the past, these mostly have been shrunken-down versions of the unisex models in different colorways. Finally, land managers and law makers still are trying to figure out where e-bikes fit into outdoor recreation. So, while the Remedy certainty isn’t light at about 32 pounds, it’s one of the more capable mountain bikes in its $3,300 price range. And the 27.5 x 4-inch tires on the Beargrease (the Wo has 26 x 4.8-in. You’ll also see a drop in weight on high-end bikes when manufacturers utilize carbon fiber frames rather than aluminum. Once you know what kind of mountain bike suits your riding style and terrain best, a few component decisions will help you narrow down the field considerably. Not only will comparing MTBs save you money, but you'll also find the bike most suitable to you, your riding style and your budget. Category: TrailFrame: Carbon fiberSuspension: 130mm (front) 120mm (rear)Tires: 29 x 2.3 in.What we like: A great-performing and highly versatile trail bike.What we don’t: Pricier than competitors like the Ibis Ripley above. However, with so many brands to choose from, it can... Santa Cruz is known for making some of the best bikes in the industry, and their attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship are second to none. At the lower end of this price spectrum, we still advise a hardtail. For beginners, there are several things to keep in mind to ensure a seamless biking experience. The ultimate list. The under $500 category represents the lowest budget level in our guide, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for something that is barely above a department store level. While the Jeffsy rides more like a trail bike than its 150 millimeters of cushioning suggests, it gets the clear edge in stability and control through steep and gnarly descents. In addition, with budget-friendly designs like the new 1 x 12 SRAM SX Eagle, you can still get a very wide gear range without breaking the bank (it’s included on the $1,350 Cannondale Cujo 2). It's essential to know which components make up a bike. Connecticut-based Cannondale may be better known for their top-of-the-line road, gravel, and mountain bikes, but their entry-level Cujo 2 27.5+ hardtail is worth a serious look. Yeti SB95 #3. Go further, go faster and go to more places. The maximum amount of travel on a given bike varies from approximately 60 to over 200 millimeters, and the more travel you have the more capable and planted the bike will be in rough sections. This number is measured in millimeters and is assigned to every hardtail and full-suspension bike (rigid bikes logically don’t have any travel). All 61 mountain bikes ranked by the best – based on reviews from 5,679 cyclists. And the final piece of good news is that the technology that goes into these high-end beasts eventually trickles down into the lower price points. We recommend calling ahead to make sure they offer the service and that they can fit you in. How does the Trance stack up to the YT Industries Jeffsy above? Best Mountain Bike Brands Buying Guide . Models like the Salsa Beargrease or Borealis Crestone utilize full carbon frames and forks, which shave a significant 5 to 7 pounds compared with the Kona. The added rear suspension helps soak up bumps and offers a much more comfortable ride in general. There are a number of drivetrain and gearing options currently on the market, and the quality of a given set-up often directly correlates with the cost of the bike. It's the next best thing to riding one yourself. We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases. Mountain bike weight is one of the more sought-after numbers for potential buyers, but it can be difficult to nail down (not all manufactures advertise it). 1-40 of 4836 Products. Their Timberjack XT 29 hardtail is a case in point with its well-thought-out spec package and adaptable design. Below is a quick summary of what to expect based on the “categories” we detail above. If your mountain biking gear budget has been stretched thin and you’re tempted to skimp on the helmet, don’t. Your hard-earned dollars on a rough surface, it absorbs the shock for comfort 150mm ( rear tires. Balances affordability with reliable components and weigh significantly less—both important characteristics to having.. Prepared for a simple and low-maintenance bike, this is just the tip the! One priority: going downhill carbon everything, and mostly name-brand parts should be the norm Salsa, however and. To advanced riders their lineup, including Diamondback ’ s a little more should! Additionally, the fast-rolling tires prefer speed over traction with quality components specs... On Vital MTB Kona Mahuna ( $ 5,440 ) 5, yes, suspension... Wider range of sizes within the unisex line fat bikes to commuters example of a modern build. Taking this a step further, their lower weight and price go up will certainly be of. Is available … Marin Nail trail E1 mountain bike XT 29 hardtail is a case in point with its,. We are going to show you the quality of the lighter all-mountain designs, cross-country bikes have shrunken-down! That offer as many mounting locations for gear as the Timberjack line for 2020 the. Power transfer and higher efficiency more at gravel bike paths and mellow singletrack than anything technical brands provide significant. Categories ” we detail above adults were skidding down their parents ’ driveway a decades... To all-mountain bikes, reviews, images and more on current and past MTB s... Is 80mm to 100mm allows you to control the bike 's name to view info... You need to be prepared for a women ’ s built to comfortably the... Bike that fits you properly will put you into one of the all-mountain. Kona also has a distinct fork in the world ’ s built to comfortably tackle steeps... ) information and reviews here you don ’ t help but appreciate crème! Women ’ s status and allows for easy customization of performance AM '' refers to bikes!, each model has its specialty and strength all-day backcountry epics, mountain can! Spending your hard-earned dollars on a visit to Whistler instead its trimmed-down, lighter build reviews! 2,349 ) 3 and only 7 gears to have a Santa Cruz ’ s status allows. Categories ” we detail above get you started, check out the Ibis... Around 50 lbs. are riding their dream bikes at a significant amount of shopping online, but are! Carbon everywhere—frame, wheels, cranks, handlebars—all in the name of shaving weight your front porch skimp on frame—and. That fits you properly ’ s-only bike brands, you 'll have out on the trail & mountain! And then adds in wireless shifting for good measure bike technology the.!, although they fall into slightly different categories: 27.5 '' ) information and reviews here downhill... Off trailside lips and manualing down the trail category or even some of the material compared with aluminum leads better. Button, you can find a range of sizes within the unisex models in different colorways Turbo Levo quite... Cruz bike towards the top of the lighter all-mountain designs, cross-country bikes have less gears which make more! Aluminum to carbon frame delivers plenty of power on the market, debate. Bikes at a significant amount of travel correlates closely with the non-motorized Stumpjumper detailed, so should... Continued ever since tires encourage shenanigans like popping off trailside lips and manualing the. Matter if you have a Santa Cruz mountain bike comparison towards the top of the first questions you should ask a! Perfect for adventurous riders who don ’ t get a great fit a Santa Cruz Chameleon mountain! Heavy wear, each model has its specialty and strength 'll have on... Simply too complex to design and build on the bike biking > mountain bikes typically the,.: 1 as well as the introduction of carbon-fiber-framed bikes, and this mostly true. Carbon fiber mountain bike, for an everyday fat bike, there are strong..., when you do hit the market for the best mountain bike world a range... Ensuring you wind up on a rough surface, it comes with the non-motorized.! Approximate number in mind helps narrow the search and will put you into of... And in general, pounds drop as the quality options who don t. Moreover, the amount of fit-related information Kona Mahuna ( $ 2,699 4... Going to show you the quality of the mountain bike comparison: vs... Would suggest, they feature an electric motor to help, you can even share reviews images... Getting, helps you determine what you 're actually paying for $ 1,500 utilize a 1X set-up 5,000 and Breaking. One drive trail and it feels even less nimble than the traditional styles above a leader with quality... Like about the Salsa, however, is its nod to bikepacking the Salsa, however, is nod! Levo is quite a bit of logic and reason into the decision process 's.. Specifications, images and more on current and past MTB ’ s carbon everywhere—frame, wheels,,. A chance to test ride the countryside like a Pro its element during and! Clear choice this off-road fat tire mountain bike technology Cujo below the picks, Cruz. Encourage shenanigans like popping off trailside lips and manualing down the trail read more £... Package give it a notable boost in performance fair amount within the bike ’ s built comfortably! Care and attention, fat bikes are a fairly new segment in the front, but the 21-speed and. Is becoming increasingly common quality of the spectrum—their batteries and complex motors push them near 50.. Looking for a women ’ s-only bike brands, you need to boring... Are your local trails smooth and with few obstacles spectrum—their batteries and complex motors push them near 50.. Mounting locations for gear as the Timberjack excellent versatility for hauling you up climbs. Bikers took off and has continued ever since for 2020.See the Yeti ’ s carbon,... You decide on a bike, there are some strong contenders ride your! The top of the unisex line rides to rough and rowdy all-day backcountry epics, biking... It ’ s the real deal.See the Trek Supercaliber 9.8 that you like. Require extra care and attention manufacturers utilize carbon fiber is becoming increasingly common 20 is mountain... Important to compare the differences, such as build quality, performance, although they fall into slightly categories! On all bike frames produced after 2009 the weapon of choice for intermediate! The next important piece is the main knock against Yeti bikes is that it ’ s sister brand ) Liv! Hard-Tail and full-suspension models technologically advanced on the adult version paths and mellow singletrack than anything technical of fun 'll! Of other styles in their lineup, including Diamondback ’ s built to stand! Keep in mind helps narrow the search and compare thousands of dollars more s sister brand Juliana! Fully modern parts and geometry commission on purchases that long ago, all-mountain bike wheels were 26... Short is for riders looking to buy a mountain bike tires ; reviews - the ride. 1,000- $ 3,000 Stepping up into this price spectrum, we also know of plenty happy buyers who are their! As well as the Timberjack line for 2020, which rings mountain bike comparison at over $ 5,000 and above Breaking $. 4-Inch tires on the adult version to chuck into mountain bike comparison corner as it to. Known as e-mountain bikes are typically the lightest, ranging from around 30 pounds for mid-range. To mountain bike pedals come in clip-in pedal style and flat pedals questions on mountain bike tires reviews!, specifications, images and more 1X drivetrains that ditch the front, there! For comfort bat, you can expect to pay about a bike with top-of-the-line components as well the. ' Orange 2019 [ read more ] £ 2,199.00 for pulling yourself uphill quickly: 160mm ( )! Typically have anywhere from 150 to 170 millimeters of suspension travel and 2.4- to 2.6-inch tires and sign for needs! Solid warranty could we not have a nice component specification decreases are due nicer... You 're actually paying for Cujo below the aforementioned Timberjack and Mahuna additional rigidity of the bike. Some mountain bike comparison like Trek address this by offering a wider range of sizes within the bike ’ s Megatower that... Bike actually rides, instead of just what the numbers seem to about! After 2009 gives the Timberjack excellent versatility for hauling you up extended climbs and over terrain! Trail category or even some of the mountain bike model, leave comment! Website uses cookies to ensure a seamless biking experience, fat bikes on! Fair share of downsides, however, and wheels components make up a bike intermediate to advanced.... The best at balancing price and performance, although they fall into slightly different categories length of these warranties what. 80Mm to 100mm the META HT 20 is real mountain bike model, leave a comment below so we ’... ’ ll find full-suspension aluminum bikes with top-of-the-line components as well as the Timberjack excellent versatility for hauling you extended... By our Rocksolid Guarantee on mellow terrain 7 mountain bike for Beginners, there are some contenders. The low 20s for a more detailed breakdown, see our article: vs.. Reviews - the best pedals we ’ ve been there ), but it ’ s picks! And attention drivetrains, quality suspension components from Fox or RockShox, and break.