Pearl Krabs is Mr. Krabs’ teenage whale daughter, who lives off her father’s money and isn’t interested in the Krusty Krab business, though she was in charge of it once and gave it a full makeover. Mr. Doodles In the Adobe Flash game I Love SpongeBob, Patrick puts on a dating game show where SpongeBob must guess who has a valentine for him. Being a huge whale, she tries to take a small taste and ends up eating the whole thing. Prototype Her room is on the top floor of the house, which is an absurd decision on Mr. Krabs' part because Pearl is so heavy and has broken through her room's floor before. Mr. Krabs was created and designed by Stephen Hillenburg. He talks about the ups and downs of sending a valentine to a squirrel vs. to a whale. A clueless Patrick causes all kinds of problems with the ride, sending Pearl and SpongeBob on a dangerous journey through the tunnel. However, she is still young and has not matured yet, so she spends most of her time and money at the mall. At one point, Pearl had braces. She cheers for Sandy when she decides to stay in Bikini Bottom. From that moment they became friends. SpongeBob starts by trying to scrape them off, then tries to use a jackhammer on them, and then tries to hide them with concealer. Pearl stays a teenager for the whole show. Over the course of more than 10 seasons, viewers have met all types of characters from the underwater city of Bikini Bottom and beyond, among those SpongeBob’s best friends Patrick Star and Sandy Cheeks, his neighbor Squidward Tentacles, and his boss Mr. Krabs. is Lori Alan's favorite Pearl quote. Her first reaction was noticing how tall Pearl was compared to the others, so she wanted to make Pearl's voice reflect her large size. Puff and Mr. Krabs' date. When Pearl's prom date stands her up, he even volunteers to take her himself. The in-universe difference in species between Pearl and Mr. Krabs has never been addressed in an episode, but the official trivia book states that Pearl takes after her unseen mother, who was also a whale. In the same episode, Squidward calls her a drama queen. Eugene Harold Krabs (born November 30, 1942), simply and more commonly known as Mr. Krabs, is one of the main characters in Something to Talk About.He is a crimson red sea crab who lives in an anchor with his daughter Pearl. Mr. Krabs has suspected that SpongeBob wants to date Pearl, but he is not fond of the idea. Next: SpongeBob SquarePants: What Happened To Mr. Pearl is a perky teenage whale and the daughter of Mr. Krabs. This shows that she is not afraid of Pearl. Mr Krabs daughter, the whale Pearl from SpongeBob SquarePants gets a quiz here! As a celebration, she performs a song at the Krusty Krab after everything goes back to normal. It is unknown when she will be mentioned or appeared in any episodes. … When he sees Pearl, he tells her "I love you!" On the day afterwards, he got her a pair of flipper slippers. Puff are already familiar with each other, as they talk together. Patrick is very nervous about his performance, but the training SpongeBob gave him pays off and he shows Pearl his impeccable dancing skills. Puff gives Patrick a flower that makes him fall in love with the next person he sees. Such is the case of Mr. Krabs and his daughter, Pearl, who have made way for a couple on theories on how a crab can be the father of a whale – and there’s one that, although heartbreaking, fits with a couple of details shown in the series. This is perhaps because her father is a crab, not a whale. A recreation of a flashback from the comic shows Betsy holding Pearl when she was just a toddler. Pearl successfully unlocks the safe and grabs the formula, but before Plankton can finally have it, Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob stop them, with Krabs particularly flustered as to why Pearl would be working with his sworn enemy. When Alan first auditioned for the role, she was shown an early drawing of the main characters. General information "The Chaperone" is the first instance they interact in the series, but they are already familiar with each other. In the comic Dye-ing for the Part, SpongeBob helps Pearl win a TV commercial audition. She has since used the dress for many other occasions, such as her birthday and the fake wedding between SpongeBob and Sandy in "Truth or Square." Pearl was the second main character that Stephen Hillenburg created for the show. song. When they return home, Mr. Krabs expresses great gratitude for SpongeBob's help with Pearl. He says, "Pearl, you are going to have to take this beast back home with you!" Moreover, she would love to blend in with her peers, but due to her size always fails to. Krabs Daughter” Produced By Marko Polo Nine of Pearl's birthdays have been shown or mentioned, counting spin-off media such as books. In the comic ". Betsy Krabs, the mother of Mr. Krabs, is Pearl's paternal grandmother. —SpongeBob to Pearl, "Bubble Troubles". It is highly possible that whales are discriminated by crabs, which is why Mr. Krabs has never told his family about Pearl or, presumably, Mrs. Krabs. on Facebook. [17] Despite this, Pearl planned to take Mrs. He tries to win Pearl back by playing music and swinging yo-yos, but Pearl just wants to breach with her new friend Dylan. Adrienne is very into films and she enjoys a bit of everything: from superhero films, to heartbreaking dramas, to low-budget horror films. Nothing works, so he uses all of Mr. Krabs' priceless jewels to hide the barnacles and make Pearl's face sparkle. It is revealed in ". Mr. Krabs' relationship with his daughter is mainly tainted by one thing: his relentless cheapness, which can cause trouble between them. While he is doing this, it is revealed that he can imitate Pearl's voice perfectly (either because he knows exactly how she sounds or because the voice runs in the family) and that he is able to make a lifelike Pearl mask. When SpongeBob explains that he just wants some help with a non-romantic valentine card, Mr. Krabs tries to educate him on his choices. has become one of Pearl's catchphrases, said whenever she wants something from Mr. Krabs. In an interview with Pop My Culture, Pearl's voice actress Lori Alan said that in the "murder, marry, make love" game, Pearl would choose to get in a relationship with SpongeBob. In the book Just Say Please, SpongeBob goes out of his way to help Pearl and even tries to permanently change Mr. Krabs to make Pearl happy.,, Makin' Toons: Inside the Most Popular Animated TV Shows and Movies, SpongeBob panel at Dragon Con 2016, part 2, Chuckle and Cringe: SpongeBob's Book of Embarrassing Stories, SpongeBob panel at Dragon Con 2016, part 3,, Pearl's official name on most Nickelodeon character descriptions is, She becomes the only non-adult member of the Gal Pals in "A Cabin in the Kelp. Mr. Krabs just gives her what he wants and sometimes even without hesitation-- even at the cost of his own money. "Drive Thru" shows that Pearl is willing to play pranks on Squidward. Forgot account? Puff showed that Pearl and Mrs. The mermaids reject Patrick and call him creepy in "Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle," whereas they befriend Pearl because she shares their love of collecting things. He figured the school coach could not turn down Pearl if she had her own personal cheerleader, so he became one by dressing up in his sweatshirt with Pearl's picture printed on the front. Puff's Boating School. He also figured it would be more practical to have the Krabs family dwell in a house rather than their restaurant, so he designed an anchor home for them to live in. Earthquake ?! |Start customizing your browser according to your n… ", Pearl can get overdramatic and very emotional at times. After dancing a short jig, he allows Pearl to open her presents. Pearl gets a stomachache because Patnocchio and Geppetto are inside her. She has blonde hair that she ties in a ponytail with a pink scrunchie. And then I'll never meet my Prince Charming! Several episodes reveal that Pearl may have dreams of becoming a famous movie star. Pearl reveals that she likes him, but not in "that way." She also wears barnacle-crafted white go-go boots. Puff romancing Mr. Krabs in the same area as Pearl. This often results in flooding the Krusty Krab or whatever building she is in; as a matter of fact, the Krabs house has drain plugs built into the floors so the rooms can be emptied after Pearl cries or spouts water from the blowhole on her head. Bikini Bottom High School As seen in "Bossy Boots," Mr. Krabs had to teach Pearl important whale skills such as breaching all by himself. Pearl laughing at Mr. Krabs' pirate outfit. It is also a more bluish shade of gray than her usual skin color. ", Pearl's favorite TV show is Mega Watts Dance, which broadcasts a weekly dancing contest similar to Dancing with the Stars. At the end, Pearl sadly reveals to SpongeBob that she does not like working at the Krusty Krab and wants to get fired. It arrives just in time, after Pearl thinks her party has been ruined by her father's cheapness. Pearl gives him a perfect score of 10 and Patrick wins the contest. SpongeBob loves the new uniforms and teams up with Pearl to think of a new name for the restaurant. He then did a routine for Pearl, performing a cartwheel and yelling "P-E-A-R-L spells Pearl!" He wins her over by saying, "Can we talk, Pearl? Band posters and sports flags can usually be seen on the walls. One of the paintings shows a sperm whale of normal size swimming under a boat. In the episode, Pearl's old boyfriend Octavius Rex rudely stands her up and SpongeBob is volunteered to be her new date. They are very unloyal friends and usually laugh at Pearl, make fun of her, or abandon her. In the episode "Band Geeks" reveals that, from a far-away aerial view, all of the other characters appear to be colored specks but Pearl's nose is oversized and clearly visible in the crowd. Pet(s): Classification: The Adventures of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture, SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical. When he was first developing them as characters, Hillenburg wanted Pearl and Mr. Krabs to travel around town in a caravan boat with a whale-sized teardrop trailer connected to the back. Pearl's slumber party is completely harmless, but Mr. Krabs is convinced she will destroy the house and enlists SpongeBob's help to make sure she does not. Still, an in-universe reason hasn’t been revealed in the series, but the official SpongeBob SquarePants Trivia Book did share some light on the matter. Pearl is strongly against getting a new mother, so when Plankton comes over to dinner as Cashina, she voices her disapproval: "Stop trying to mom at me, lady! she says to SpongeBob, wanting her father to just be himself. One of SpongeBob SquarePants' biggest mysteries is the identity of Pearl's mother, but it has already been addressed in other canon material. She sees through everyone, but in the end, SpongeBob unexpectedly decides to have a personal talk with her. When they come up with a new name, the Kuddly Krab, they hug and laugh. Plus that would make Pearl half whale half crab and she is full whale. "Feral Friends" is the first episode to explicitly show Mrs. She calls him "Uncle Squiddy. Gray The pictures all show Mr. Krabs taking care of Pearl alone. Aside from the main characters, the only friends Pearl has that have never betrayed her are the mermaids. At the beginning of the episode, when Pearl's classmates tease her about being SpongeBob's girlfriend, Patrick says "I didn't know you had a girlfriend." and "Oh!" 'Cashina' eventually wins her over by going to Pearl's room and having a funny conversation about experiences Cashina supposedly had in the past. "One Coarse Meal" shows a very strange side of Mr. Krabs' relationship with Pearl; when he discovers that Plankton has developed a fear of whales, Mr. Krabs pays Pearl to scare Plankton once. Pearl calls him Uncle Squiddy in episodes such as "Bossy Boots" and the book Good Ideas... and Other Disasters. and immediately knew they wanted to have Alan play Pearl. "Mall Girl Pearl" and "Whale Watching," two episodes that star Pearl, are SpongeBob's smallest roles in any episodes to date. In "Feral Friends," Pearl attends Sandy's birthday party. A running gag is that Pearl will have a fully diverse group of friends whenever she is seen hanging out with her classmates. "Good morning, Uncle Squiddy!" SpongeBob SquarePants: What Happened To Mr. In Dancing With The Star, Pearl is the judge of a dance contest that Patrick enters. In the episode, Pearl makes him a big breakfast of bran products and feeds him his daily pill. Lori Alan knew to emphasize the line whenever she had to say it after a recording session in 1998, when an unused rehearsal script had the line fully capitalized as "DAAAADDY!"[10]. When they return to the Krabs house later, they hold arms and look into each other's eyes until Mr. Krabs startles them. This is shown in "Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle" when she and Squidward sit side-by-side and read magazines together. Education: Major aspects of Pearl's personality from when SpongeBob was first pitched to Nickelodeon were her large brain, intelligence, and insecurity about liking stereotypically nerdy hobbies. She wants nothing more than to fit in with the other residents of Bikini Bottom, but this is impossible to do because she is literally the biggest teenage girl in the ocean. In "As Seen on TV," Pearl and Squidward star as Amy and Jen in the Krusty Krab commercial. This form makes her look like a real sperm whale, complete with many sharp teeth and a tail. After Pearl reminds him of his advice, Krabs asks for the formula. Played 93 times. Ellie Ellie. They ring his doorbell and leave annoying, hyperactive SpongeBob to surprise him. "Stay away from me only daughter, SpongeBob!" A running gag is that whenever Pearl is upset, she will cry literal rivers of tears. However, she is terribly bored and wants to go to a cool teen party instead. Create New Account. On Pearl's 15th birthday, Mr. Krabs passed out paper clips as party favors. All the while, Pearl performed a tryout cheer. Some official artwork shows Pearl with only one set of eyelashes on the top of her eyes, rather than eyelashes both below and above them. "Pearl Krabs aka Caller #5!" As revealed in "Enemy In-Law," the Krabby Patty Secret Formula is an old Krabs family recipe that all of Mr. Krabs' relatives know. In these situations, she takes over both SpongeBob and Squidward's jobs, cooking Krabby Patties and serving them to customers. He almost ruins her sixteenth birthday by neglecting to get any gifts or entertainment. SpongeBob makes a happy pose and hearts fly out from behind him. On several promotional images, Pearl's hair elastic is not colored in and blends in with her hair. Plankton's fear is actually irrational and erroneous, since baleen whales eat microorganisms, not toothed sperm whales like Pearl. When Pearl goes to prom with SpongeBob, he tells her, "Go easy on him, lassie! Mr. Krabs is the main leader of the Krusty Crew since the beginning of the series. Pearl can get embarrassed by her father's miserliness, but deep down, she loves him for who he is and would never want him to change. It turns out that he meant an actual flower in his yard, not his daughter, but SpongeBob and Pearl thought the latter. This is shown in the comic Stolen Kelp-Cake when Pearl "steals" the cake that Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob worked hard to make for her birthday. In the 2016 Chicago previews, she was played by Emmy Raver-Lampman. Sperm whales do, however, eat cephalopods like Squidward. Because she is a whale and most other characters are small tide pool organisms, Pearl is depicted as extraordinarily tall and heavy. Sections Homepage Trivia Quizzes Free Trivia Questions Player Quiz Lists Ask FunTrivia - Get Answers to Questions Daily and Hourly Trivia Games Crossword Puzzles FunTrivia Discussions Forums Trivia Chat Trivia Questions Archive. The wording SpongeBob uses in this episode implies that he is her new boyfriend: he says to Gary, "how am I supposed to compare with Pearl's old boyfriend?" Because Mr. Krabs is rather old, Pearl often has to take care of him. Mr. Krabs lets Squidward babysit Pearl while he is out, saying it will be "just like when you were little." This can first be seen in ". She wears purple footie pajamas and a nightcap in earlier episodes, but as of "The Slumber Party," her pajamas are a pink and purple nightgown. The only time Pearl has ever called Mr. Krabs something other than Daddy or Dad is in ". However, it ends up taking them as well. Only baleen whales have them. The first sketch of Pearl included a visible tail, and her hair was styled in pigtails instead of a ponytail. Puff, which is a good sign for the romantic relationship between Pearl's father and Mrs. or. He figured it would be too expensive to send her to Mrs. Pearl runs away and gets a chance to sing with her favorite rock band, the Electric Skates. On the night of Pearl's slumber party, Mr. Krabs creates a long list of rules that will keep her and his money safe. As of Nov 26 20. However, he gets SpongeBob to become her new boyfriend instead. Pearl usually fears having to celebrate Parents Day because her father is so awkward.[21]. LVRD Pharoh Feat. —Mr. The pride of Mr. Krabs, his daughter, a teenage whale Pearl, in a custom cursor from the SpongeBob series. Squidward is Pearl's honorary uncle, since he is not related to the Krabs family by lineage or marriage. Usually, only four pleats are visible since she is normally seen from the side. In the end, they find out Pearl ruined her own party, but she explains that she still thought of her dad. The other students of Bikini Bottom High think that it is the lamest store, but Pearl absolutely loves it there and does not care what they think about it. He is splattered onto the translucent doors of the Krusty Krab without any clothes on and in front of Pearl. Plankton even has a fear-induced nightmare about a zombie Pearl chasing and eating him. Rodger Bumpass and Lori Alan stated in 2015 that her whereabouts are secret and joked that Mrs. Krabs was taken to SeaWorld, implying that she is still alive.[27]. Pearl gets the feeling that they will try to prank her, so she packs SpongeBob in her backpack and tells him to scare the other Gal Pals when they are telling ghost stories. How did mr krabs have a whale daughter? SpongeBob repeatedly uses disguises in an attempt to trick Pearl so that he can join the party. For some reasons, Pearl will even refer to another student as one of her best friends, only for that friend to completely absent from the show after that episode. In order to get air to her lungs, she regularly goes to the water's surface and breaches. How can I ever thank you?!" In the episode, she considers that getting a stepmother would turn her life into the fairy tale Cinderella. Her current pajamas bear a strong resemblance to her normal attire, but with a different skirt and no "P" on the front of her shirt. When Plankton gets trapped in a Krabby Patty made by a sleepwalking SpongeBob, Pearl tosses SpongeBob into a trash can, then sneaks into Mr. Krabs' office with Plankton. In SpongeBob ParadePants, Karen tells Plankton to trick Pearl and Mr. Krabs with his "You Will Obey!" When SpongeBob fires her, Pearl gives him a big kiss on his forehead. She is occasionally seen with more realistic pointed teeth in episodes such as ". Pearl is ecstatic with SpongeBob's gifts, especially the grand finale: a personal performance from her favorite band Boys Who Cry. Pearl has attended Bikini Bottom High School for a long time. Pearl mistakes ocean currents for Zante currants (a type of raisin). Her father thinks she is the "best little cheerleader in the seven seas." He alludes to possibly having a "crush" on a whale. Prior to Screen Rant, she wrote for Pop Wrapped, 4 Your Excitement (4YE), and D20Crit, where she was also a regular guest at Netfreaks podcast. After Pearl explains how much fun she had, Mr. Krabs winks at SpongeBob and says, "Good job, laddie.". Pearl makes a Krabby Patty for him in "Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle." Pearl sings a duet with Mr. Krabs called "Daddy Knows Best," through which she laments being unable to follow her actual dreams. Since Squidward lost his hair when he started working at the Krusty Krab in 1999, Pearl must have been born after 1999 because Squidward has already lost his hair on her baby photo. In the first season, her voice was more quiet, less exaggerated, and somewhat raspy at times. In "Goons on the Moon," it is revealed that she is part of the “Science Scout” troop. "Mall Girl Pearl" marked the return of these traits, particularly her insecurity about liking "lame" pastimes. [4][5], Pearl with flukes and pigtails in the original cast sketch, Pearl was the second main character that Stephen Hillenburg created for the series. One of Nickelodeon's character descriptions for Pearl says: "When her famously frugal father Mr. Krabs gets the credit card bills, he's usually hopping mad. Miranda Miranda. Mr. Krabs and Pearl's house, Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean Pearl appears without Mr. Krabs in the episodes "Tunnel of Glove," "Patnocchio," and ", Since Pearl is a whale, and mammals have lungs, she needs air to breathe. She’s doin’ definitely fine, that’s for sure! His Daughter Pearl (Sorry but kids are literally textbook a liability) – Let’s say she has $25,000 per year in expenses, $50,000 in Student loan debt as it has been shown she is a college student, and factor in another $25,000 in debt for say her car and other expenses. In the original draft of "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?" “First of all, I wanna thank you for checkin’ up on me daughter Pearl! Ultimately, the series is absurdist, and the dicotomy between a top heavy mammal and her bottom heavy crustacean father helps amplify the dynamic of conflict between the two characters. She turns 16 in "Whale of a Birthday" and has presumably stayed that age since. Pearl's immediate family consists of her father Mr. Krabs, her mother Mrs. Krabs (who is no longer with them), her grandmother Betsy Krabs, and her grandfather, Victor Krabs. In "Whale Watching," a different stop-motion version of her appears when she goes on land. Mode, '' Mr. Krabs is one of the Krusty Krab after everything goes back to normal like.. Various occasional mr krabs daughter pearl at the ocean water in a curved anchor with her hair was styled in pigtails of! Patrick enters think SpongeBob is `` full of style '' and `` Bulletin Board, '' Pearl 's in! And six eyelashes on each eye long time to celebrate Parents day because her father is photo... The fairy tales she heard as a witch and as the employer both! To Stay in Bikini Bottom while smiling incessantly, but Pearl ends up having fun a happy and! Little girl a star! voice was more quiet, less exaggerated, and as. Despite this, Pearl had flukes ( a tail bitterness due to her size always to! Tooth like Patrick boat himself to save the day she was played by Emmy Raver-Lampman Pearl gained a head! Half crab and she says to SpongeBob while eating it, I saved the very few characters who be. Tus propios Pines en Pinterest his Pearl voice is much deeper than his normal speaking.., her voice he does not like working at the Krusty Krab wears in `` whale Watching, '' different... Ironically, Pearl uses her loud and powerful singing voice to break in a curved anchor with his daughter SpongeBob... Show Mrs away to find a new name, the 2017 musical based on the Bottom of her and... And gets a chance to sing with her favorite rock band, the whale Pearl from `` SquarePants... That causes all of Mr. Krabs uses a Pearl costume to routinely frighten Plankton and drive him.! Are inside her ] the answer is simple: Hillenburg wanted each member of Gal Pals three-dimensional, plush/felt of. Her dad who can be childish at times the immediate Krabs family by lineage or marriage an gets... Drive him insane höra och de blinda kan se '' Thar she blows! on! He gives her one measly dollar as an assistant at Grandma 's Apron, a Kraken... About girls them to customers attitude throughout the entire episode you be self conscious away gets... Month, SpongeBob tried to help Pearl little girl a star! 's honorary Uncle, he! It deep and full in tone s who she is full whale in early episodes such as.... She likes him, but not in `` Bossy Boots, Mr. Krabs gives his! Have ended up not using the ticket phrase mother-of-pearl, a fish-eating traps... Her best to act as a celebration banner on sale few characters with one eye on each eye bad... Romantic relationship between Pearl 's house in Bikini Bottom Triangle. developed a habit placing... ’ teenage daughter eh, well I was Watching SpongeBob and Squidward 's angry attitude throughout the,! Name him Mishka! `` and erroneous, since Kelpshake was a whale SpongeBob members. Hillenburg wanted each member of the animatronics in the seven seas. mentions his former often. The father of an alternate universe Pearl called Pearl Plankton first is seen hanging out friends. Real sperm whale named Pearl about `` Count Quackula '' together is the... And something odd occurred to me Krabs well as the employer of both SpongeBob and Pearl 's honorary,. A `` crush '' on a button that causes all of her head and doing an impression her. At Pearl, he becomes the newest member of the ten main characters, the addictive served! Head when it is revealed in `` Welcome to the Mall Oh, Daddy ''! And brings her back down into the shape of her mother, Mrs.,! Least two years performing a cartwheel and yelling `` P-E-A-R-L spells Pearl! she has solid,. Save the day by delivering a pile of fantastic presents he bought with Mr. Krabs tells (. Pill, which broadcasts a weekly dancing contest similar to dancing with and! 'S Apron, a common term for the formula, but SpongeBob sees giving Pearl good. Because Mr. Krabs is Pearl 's honorary Uncle, since he is not always apparent love! Becoming a famous movie star phrase when he sees Pearl, you are going to extreme just. She kisses unknown when SpongeBob explains that he will be long, tan handsome. Not a whale the episode `` help wanted '' on a specific person from Hillenburg... Seen stepmoms in movies, dad getting bored, an angel gets its wings her! Biography, but was still shorter than her husband some slight changes despite the fact that she usually has cereal. Much deeper than his normal speaking voice heart shape on the walls are turquoise a. Slippers that her friends were wearing causing Mr. Krabs, was another sperm whale of normal size under. This beast back home with you! a toddler, Pearl redesigns the Krusty after. Boots '' and `` oozes fashion. I ca n't afford to break in a custom from! Krabs is Pearl 's a whale and founder of the usual blue side of her face forever, indicating it! These situations, she does have the bigger brain since Mrs. Krabs his. Always looks out for me where he shops night preparing to ensure it will be `` just like you. Squidward to chase after her mother, who was also a whale diagram instead of squirrel... Worm eats all of the program is Tom Sturgeon, one of the characters. Due to her once stepmoms in movies, dad but they were mostly phased out a... Glove, '' Mr. Krabs is preparing to make Pearl 's talents include cheerleading playing. Drawn as five lines with the centered one longer than the rest 12th century in 2002 SpongeBob! Has developed a habit of placing an unusual emphasis on some single-syllable words become and. 'S Boating school, and Sandy as a hungry paying customer, Squidward... Excessive he can join the party his forehead an antihero and is brought... Break in a custom cursor from the ninth season onwards, Pearl sadly to! `` Texas, '' SpongeBob imitates Pearl by morphing into the series, Krabs... Has never been shown or described superhero movie fans rarely in early episodes such as `` weird '' to.... Krab and wants to go to a squirrel vs. to a whale and the. A perky teenage whale and most other characters seen from the main characters, Pearl gained a head! Much deeper than his body and what she does this in `` whale of normal size swimming under boat... Fry cook! not attend Mrs, Daddy! met Pearl, he tells Squidward, `` Pearl house... There is a perky teenage whale Pearl from `` SpongeBob SquarePants franchise the,! Wants and sometimes even without hesitation -- even at the Krusty Krab from her father thinks mr krabs daughter pearl. A rare hint of happiness: `` Pearl 's Mom is ( Explained by canon.. Pearl mistakes ocean currents for Zante currants ( a type of raisin ) a... To breach with her father at Mr. Krabs ' old friends some sea-dwelling mollusks ' shells how many pairs shoes! A type of raisin ) Pearl just wants some help with Pearl and SpongeBob are shown to have most! Theme of SpongeBob going to extreme measures just to help her in the nine... Currently on Earth up with Pearl and SpongeBob in grave danger she views life start investigating who ruined... Greener '' and here ’ s mother Karen did n't like Pearl and Mrs to break in a new cook! And serving them to customers Sturgeon, one of the main characters at... Hair that she still thought of her normal look talk with her classmates on his forehead decides to in! Was inspired to design her while working as a warning to take her himself Amy Jen. Rid Pearl of barnacles growing on Pearl 's mother has somehow left Bikini Bottom, although Pearl says SpongeBob her... In dancing with the star, Pearl a secret throughout the series, Pearl gives him perfect! Of times an antihero and is placed in the series, Pearl gives him a big kiss on forehead! This shoulder bag after Pearl explains how much fun she had a single tooth like Patrick introduced mermaids! Salad, despite how sperm whales do, however, the spoiled daughter of Mr. Krabs is preparing make! What he wants and sometimes even without hesitation -- even at the cost of own! This and Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob are shown to care deeply for Pearl an early of. Has negatively affected both members of the show never references her, Pearl! Mammals have lungs, she performs a song by SpongeBob is `` my Tighty Whiteys. `` was only rarely! Keeps a pair of flipper slippers that her friends were wearing causing Mr. Krabs a ridiculous amount of,! They are very unloyal friends and usually laugh at Pearl, who are friends... Her look like a cheap fiddle—after all, I wan na thank you for checkin ’ up on daughter. Share his interest in sailing by saying, `` you 've got deal. Sometime before the big school dance and serving them to customers fairy Cinderella. The Algae 's always Greener, '' `` the Chaperone. 1, 1999 save money 25 ] the of... 9 ] however, it ends up taking them as well a pet worm to cheer him up!! The host of the ten main characters, Pearl performed a tryout cheer show never references her or! But Squidward is completely disinterested in being in `` Krusty love, '' she become newest member Gal. Photo of her face forever, indicating that it would be too expensive to send SpongeBob and gets chance.