If your average is less than 4/12 you are kicked out of school. A petition for incomplete standing must be made to the instructor and approved by the chair before the department or program deadline (if there is one), but in any case before submission of final grades to the Office of the Registrar. C: 63-66: C-60-62: D+: 57-59: D: 53-56: D-50-52: F: 0-49 Note: The passing grades required in a course including students at more than one level are determined by each student’s level and not by the course level. Students may repeat a course twice (three completions in total when the original attempt is included). Term Grade Point Average (Term GPA) is a weighted average based on the grades obtained in courses taken in a given term within the same career at McMaster University. Students are required to make arrangements to have an official transcript forwarded to the Office of the Registrar upon completion of the course. An aegrotat standing is granted only if the student has completed the required term work with a passing average. If errors in the calculation or recording of grades come to light after the grades have been released, all affected grades may be recalculated and raised or lowered with the approval of the appropriate dean. Academic advisors have compiled a list of first year course suggestions for each major. Transfer credits will be recorded on your Trent University transcript with a grade of "P" and will not be included in GPA calculation. No exceptions will be made. 1600 West Bank Drive No final examination is worth more than 50% of the final grade. At Trent University there are two sets of degree requirements to follow - your program requirements and the University requirements. The final grade in a course is based on at least some of the following criteria: in-term oral and written work, in-term or mid-year tests or examinations, final examinations, practica, and community-based projects. 67-69. Trent Forward: Learn more about our response to COVID-19. 85-89. Learn more about course selection. Supporting documentation must be provided. You can check your official grades on RAMSS approximately two weeks after the official end of term. Part D: Regulations. Courses with a grade of WD carry no credit weight and will not be included in the calculation of cumulative average. Students must satisfy the program requirements and the University requirements 90-100. A petition for late withdrawal is made to the Committee on Undergraduate Petitions through an academic advisor as soon as possible. Nottingham Trent University . There is a fee for each request. 73-76. Please note that changes can be made to program requirements, as departments determine what courses are relevant to be current in the field. If the student is choosing to complete an honours science degree the university requirements would require 14.0 science credits within the 20.0 credit degree, including 1.0 MATH credit. Students who are granted a Letter of Permission to complete the final course(s) of their program at another university during the Fall/Winter session and intend to graduate in the spring convocation must provide grades to the Office of the Registrar in the form of an official transcript by May 1 in order to ensure that their names appear in the convocation program and that their diplomas are printed for the day of the ceremony. Courses taken on a Letter of Permission will count toward cumulative credit attempts. 0. Passing grades. Advanced standing Entering the University with transfer credits. At the undergraduate level, the passing grade is usually D. At the graduate level, the minimum passing grade is C+. Ask Your Question Fast! Nipissing University is located in North Bay, Ontario, Canada Trent philosophy professor, Bernie Hodgson, tells me that his students want “philosophy paint-by-numbers” – a memorized, fill-in-the-blanks approach to passing tests and writing assignments — and this is exactly what I and many of my colleagues are seeing in science and mathematics disciplines. In addition, selected University of Guelph courses, approved by the Board of Undergraduate Studies, will use this alternate grading system. Trent Forward: Learn more about our response to COVID-19. If an official transcript, or evidence of non-enrolment, is not forwarded to the Office of the Registrar within 60 calendar days of the end of the session specified in the Letter of Permission, a grade of Fail will be assigned. Nipissing University offers programs at undergraduate and graduate levels. Trent University respectfully acknowledges it is located on the treaty and traditional territory of the Mississauga Anishinaabeg. If the student is choosing to complete an honours science degree the university requirements would require 14.0 science credits within the 20.0 credit degree. A fee must be paid for each copy of a transcript. Transcripts may be ordered in person at the Office of the Registrar, by mail, or online through either myTrent or the Office of the Registrar website. Trent faculty value teaching … Students may take a maximum of 2.0 credits in a Summer session, including courses at another university on a Letter of Permission. This includes course equivalents attempted on a Letter of Permission at another institution. Part E: Regulations Section 16A: Common ... achieve at least the minimum pass grade. The petition may be submitted up until the final deadline for late withdrawal 60 days after the start of the following academic term (which includes the summer term). Once the official transcript is received, the student’s record will be updated with the completed course(s) and grade(s). Some programs may require a higher grade. Degree requirements are found in the Academic Calendar. The total number of non-Trent credits in a General program may not exceed 7.5. Academic Skills instructors teach writing and study skills to undergraduate and graduate students through individual and group instruction. Quality Handbook. Peterborough, ON Canada, K9L 0G2, 55 Thornton Road South Hope this helps ETS: just seen Kellywood's post. A GPA of at least 2.00, and at least a minimum passing grade (or non-graded course credit) in each registered course. They may be seen by students only if a formal appeal of a final grade has been unsuccessful. Conditional A GPA of 1.50 to 1.99, but with no failed grades; or one or more INC grade but with no failed courses; or only one failed course but with a GPA of at least 2.00. A grade of P translates into 50% when used to calculate averages for university or college admission. A student may register to audit certain courses at Trent University. Although the third can vary depending on what the university pass mark is. Nottingham Trent University Quality Handbook . The Trent University community mourns the loss of Trent student Brett Michael LeBlanc. Founded in 1963, Trent University is a non-profit public higher-education institution located in the suburban setting of the small city of Peterborough (population range of 50,000-249,999 inhabitants), Ontario. The attempt with the highest grade will be used to determine the cumulative average. B+. In a joint-major for Biology and Psychology degree 15.0-16.0 science credits are required for their majors so the student would not require any additional science credits within their 5.0 electives. P: Pass: indicates that the student has achieved the bare minimum grade to pass the class granted by a teacher due to reasons beyond the student's control. Students are advised to familiarize themselves with the appeals policy of the department or program involved. If you had an average of under 40% you would have failed. 16A . Scholarships are awarded with a minimum academic average of 80%. Academic advisors help students clarify their academic goals, decide which courses to take, understand academic regulations, connect with the services they need and, ultimately, take charge of their own education. This is a cause that goes all the way back to the university's founding principles. There is no time limit to reopen a grade in a case of academic dishonesty. Instructors should follow the standard University percentage equivalent for letter grades (see below).