Inaugurated: June 2018. Check with them re the arrangements for transport.Day Care. Nightingales Medical Trust also has training programs and other initiatives to support dementia awareness and caregiver support. The facility is monitored using CCTV, and any medical emergencies are handled within the ETCM hospital premises. Note that all day cares were closed during COVID lockdown. The Dementia Centre has been improving the quality of life for people with dementia for more than 20 years. The Psychiatrists and Psychologists at this locations are trained and equipped to assess your loved one. 2, Banjara Hills, LV Prasad Marg,Hyderabad-500033. The treatment for dementia and Alzheimer's helps the person to manage the illness.Call now at +91 97414 76476. Dementia treatment in Bangalore, Dementia care in bangalore , Dementia patient Care center, 94834530 Sunday, 24 May 2015. Financial hardships due to high costs of care also takes a toll on the family. India has very few day care centers and full-time care facilities suitable for dementia compared to the persons with dementia, and these few are almost all in metros. Round-the-clock routines cause isolation from friends and family. • Mumbai (Maharashtra) Please contact the organization to know the current status and satisfy yourself about the suitability for residential care in COVID times. Capacity: 25 residents. However, this number is increasing slowly. Contact: Asha Jeevan Home for the Aged Trust, 57, 7th Cross, Pavamana Residency, Kembathalli Road, Gottigere, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore 560 083. Dementia risk factors related research (advanced reading), Dementia reports from India and outside (advanced reading), More Advanced Topics: Special Topic Reads, Topic reads: anti-psychotic medicines and dementia, Topic Reads: Current medications for dementia, Improving quality of life for persons with dementia, Special tips for wandering, incontinence, repetitions, sundowning, Using various dementia/ home care services, Discussion: Dementia Home Care, COVID-19 infection risk, Lockdown/ Unlock challenges, Coordinate caregiving between family members, How relatives/ friends/ colleagues can help, Voices: Interviews with dementia caregivers, Voices: Persons with dementia share experiences, Tips and advice from health care professionals and volunteers, Difference between Dementia and Alzheimer's, General caregiving: Tips For Those New To Caregiving, Orientation for attendants for dementia home care, Helping with Activities of Daily Living, an example, Dementia Caregiver Resources across India, Informational websites on dementia/ caregiving, Guwahati, Imphal, Aizawl (North-Eastern States), City-wise/ Region-wise Dementia Care Information, Facilities for patients of Alzheimer’s/ other dementias, Dementia-related material in various Indian languages (including Kannada), General tips for locating relevant resources in a city, ALZHEIMER’S DEMENTIA–TALK By Er.Jerardin D’souza-Founder-MAA-Mangalore Alzheimer’s Association, Dementia/ Alzheimer’s Resources in Kannada, Dementia/ Alzheimer’s Resources in Indian Languages, Quick access to a Caregiving Essential Toolkit, Using Trained Attendants for Dementia Home Care, Dementia Home Care, the COVID-19 infection risk, and Lockdown/ Unlock challenges, Dementia Care During COVID-19: Infographics With Tips, The dementia diagnosis process, Part 4: Understanding the diagnosis and what comes next, The dementia diagnosis process, Part 3: Meeting the doctor and getting a diagnosis, The dementia diagnosis process, Part 2: Preparing for the doctor consultation, The dementia diagnosis process, Part 1: Getting started and selecting a doctor, Use “Active Ageing” to age better and reduce dementia risk: part 2, Use “Active Ageing” to age better and reduce dementia risk: part 1, Home care for late stage dementia, Part 6: Tube feeding and related decisions, Home care for late stage dementia, Part 5: Eating/ swallowing problems, Late-stage care, heartbreaks and tender moments, hospitals, dilemmas, decisions: a daughter narrates, When I see Ma struggle, I get very disturbed: a daughter-in-law describes care for a bedridden mother-in-law, Early warnings, diagnosis, medication, side-effects, an elderly father as caregiver: a daughter talks of her mother’s dementia, Dementia caregiving can create chaos: a solo caregiver describes challenges faced on multiple fronts, Keeping persons with dementia peaceful and improving their quality of life: practical tips from a nurse, कोविड के दौरान डिमेंशिया देखभाल – चित्रण और लेख, डिमेंशिया/ अल्जाइमर होने के जोखिम को कम करने के कुछ तरीके, चित्रों द्वारा. This is an extension of the care services of NCAA, Kasturinagar.Address: Nightingales Trust Tanya Mathias Elder care CentreNo 6, Sonam Layout, Doddagubbi Road, Behind Liza’s Home, Near Nandini Farm, Kothanur Post, Bangalore 560077Contact Sanjay, Centre incharge. Contact , 0821 297 2604, Facebook page at Dodda Gubbi Road, Kothanur Post, Email . 2. Another hospital mentioned in available resources is Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences (wiki page here Opens in new window, but their website Opens in new window may not be working). Online/ phone support is however available – please contact them for more data. Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India, Bangalore Chapter: This is promoted by Nightingales Medical Trust (NMT). While this care home is open, processes followed by them may have been changed because of COVID, such as the way they admit new residents or have procedures that protect residents, like not allowing visitors, etc. Nightingales Medical Trust - Dementia Care, Bangalore, India. 5. 24 x 7 Care Home While construction is underway, Susheg is providing residential care in a rented facility in Valencia, Mangalore for a limited number of patients, based on what they can support in the rented premises. Dementia symptoms stages involves Memory issues, Communication & language problems, Reasoning issues. persons with Parkinson's, Stroke, Post Fracture, after surgeries, etc.We also provide Palliative care when needed.Respite Care, short term institutional care for the elderly, can be provided when needed. F Ward, ETCM Hospital, They expect to offer services wihout any fees, and will be open to all irrespective of caste and creed. Our team of 100+ renowned doctors and specialists at our deaddiction centers in Bangalore combine multidisciplinary care that addresses every facet of well being through medical treatment, counseling, biochemical restoration, nutrition, psychosocial rehab, fitness and a range of complementary treatments. About five million Americans have Alzheimer’s. Facebook page at, (Mysore): Wel Care Home Nursing Services – provide home nursing services as well as some stay facilities relevant for terminal/ bedridden care and geriatric / neurological condition care,. • Kochi, Trivandrum, others (Kerala) - Am I neglecting work responsibilities, my family and myself? • Hyderabad, others (AP, Telengana) Contact them for details of what may be currently available and for progress on the main project. Phones +91-80 27824315, +91-80 29760568Omashram ( (Bangalore) Omashram Trust-Old Age Care provides residential care including medical care and nursing care to old persons from poor and middle class families in an empathetic way. Susheg Jivith Neuro Care is a not-for-profit charitable institution with the aim of providing residential care to neurological patients, especially persons with dementia. It supports stay for evaluation and rehab, and short and long-term stay. Nightingales Medical Trust runs several Memory Clinics at multiple locations. As a result, the burden of caring for a person with dementia is entirely met by the family. Stroke3. Vascular disorders. They may accept persons with dementia depending on the severity of symptoms. 2. Bangalore Care Takers is a fast growing medical services company in Bangalore. Why Home Care For The Elderly? Website www.nightingales.inPortea: Offers a range of services like home nursing support, physiotherapy, doctor visits, investigations, equipment supply, etc. Sukino is a pioneer in providing best-in-class rehabilitation care through our chain of residential care centres across Bangalore and Kochi. Please contact the organization to know the current status and satisfy yourself about the suitability for residential care in COVID times.24 x 7 Care HomeAddress: NIKISA Dementia Village and Alzheimer’s Hospital, Kempanahalli, Karnataka 560064. Cognitive and physical rehabilitation, opportunities for socialization and peer interaction are provided at these Centres. Our patients for dementia treatment in India, have shown marked improvement in their functional and symptomatic conditions followed by stem cell therapy for Dementia, with the extensive neurorehabilitation program. • Other regions/ cities, Also: Resources across India and Informational websites. Service Provider of rehabilitation centres in bangalore karnataka india Call 9483453099, rehabilitation centres in bangalore & Rehabilitation Centres offered by Dementia Treatment In Bangalore from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India (The capacity was expanded to 72 in June 2020). Additionally, care during COVID tips included in care pages and  as separate discussion and infographics). Address: Old number 46/8, New number 53, 10th Cross, 66th Division, Anepalya, Shanti Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560030. Moreover, dementia is not merely a problem of memory. The Dementia Centre is the heart of excellence in dementia expertise. Resources, tips, caregiver stories for dementia caregivers in India, (This section is suitable for home caregivers in India, and may also help others understand caregiver challenges and situations. An Exceptional Business Opportunity. The facilities support Activities of Daily Living and psychosocial needs of persons with dementia in a safe dementia-friendly environment by trained mental health professionals. We help them live happy, active and independent lives, in the comfort of their home and community through interactive caregiving. It reduces the ability to learn, reason, retain or recall past experience and there is also loss of patterns of thoughts, feelings and activities. • Pune (Maharashtra) Dementia Care Notes India includes information on dementia, and provides dementia care skills, tips, and information on India-based resources to help caregivers plan care and reduce stress. See or contact 1800-212-9707Others:An additional listing (no details available) was received from one caregiver for Samay Home Care Kothanur, Bangalore. Great going Kalpavruksha Health Care… > As per estimates made in the World Alzheimer Report 2015, over 4.1 million people in India are affected by Dementia. An additional listing was received for Neurocare (Mysore), website at, for memory clinic/ diagnosis. In NIKISA Dementia Village PwD in category C3 to C5 are treated and cared in Special wards and those in advanced stages viz C6 and C7 require higher level of clinical care and therefore cared in the Intensive Care Block or ICU block. If you are looking for information and suggestions for handling care situations, some useful links are: Please note that Dementia Care Notes does NOT provide any services or any medical consultation. Vascular dementia care may also include medications called cholinesterase inhibitors, which support a chemical messenger in the brain. Cares for healthy elderly women, women who need immediate medical attention, and women with cognitive impairment like dementia. Contact 1800-212-9707, Others: One assisted living place in Bangalore, mentioned by some persons, may be helping also for cases like stroke, Parkinson’s, and age-related memory problems: Priaashraya (, Phone +91 984 510 8474. Note that all day cares were closed during COVID lockdown. Presentation of NIKISA Dementia Village by Dr. S. Subramanya (IAS Retd.) Online/ phone support is however available – please contact them for more data. For details, contact Dr. S. Subramanya (Ph. The interviews include (click for  list, descriptions and links). Nightingales Centre for Ageing and Alzheimer's Kasturinagar, Bangalore Established in 2010, Nightingales Centre for Ageing and Alzheimer’s (NCAA) is India’s largest comprehensive residential care centre. Withdrawal from work and social activity10. Call 9916925165 / 9916915165, Email, Facebook: / ( supports health and wellness of seniors and has some concierge services. St John Singapore Dementia Centre was set up to meet the demands of the fast increasing numbers of senior citizens with dementia and to complement the government’s obligation to care for these people, so that they can continue to live in their community with dignity. We do this by providing research, consultancy and education informed by expertise in dementia, to people at all levels, from CEOs to family carers. The centre provides a well-designed, safe environment suitable for persons with dementia, and has a multidisciplinary team. at the Bangalore Neurological Society. Research into quality dementia care and the best ways of supporting carers provides important insights into improving quality of life of people with dementia, their families and carers. It provides quality, economical respite care services and has large, shared rooms with the capacity of 8-9 persons. Contact: 080-26467218, 28477618, Mob: 9845348436 kaitherinenivas@gmail.comKites ( (Bangalore) offers some services for seniors, and this includes a dementia care package. Dementia treatment in Bangalore, Dementia Care uploaded and liked 6 months ago ... disabled care center in Bangalore , We don't publicize our achievements unlike others. Residential care homes changed the way they operate, like admitting new residents and managing existing residents, allowing visitors, taking safety measures, etc. They will be offered a series of tests to check their ability to remember facts and retain information, which will give an initial insight into their mental capabilities. Include: Getting started and selecting a doctor, preparing for the consultation, Meeting the doctor,  getting a diagnosis and understanding it, and what comes next. This the only day care in a big city like Mumbai which takes care of people afflicted with Dementia. It also has many dementia related projects(see above). In this article, we discuss the need and challenges of home care for the elderly in Bangalore and across the country. Relive Care Center understands how difficult this disease can be and its impact on caregivers and their loved ones. Please evaluate before use. The questions below may be helpful when determining if a move to residential care is a good option: They may also offer geriatric physiotherapy.Contact them at 1800 180 1253 (All-India tollfree number). Hence this has made us one of the most trusted home nursing services in Bangalore with a stellar reputation for delivering the best of patient care experience.. Dementia cannot be cured, but it can be treated, particularly in its early stages, so a prompt diagnosis is important in order to limit the progression of the disease. Keep in mind, that regardless of where the care takes place, the decision is about making sure the person with Dementia receives the care needed. The larger hospitals of the city will usually have. Specialized adult day care centers, sometimes called Alzheimer’s Day Treatment Centers, may be … Coimbatore. Nightingales Trust Dementia Day Care Centres: Contact 1800 121 2323 Website portea.comSpandana: some caregivers have reported using trained attendants from Spandana Sumukha Nursing Services: their home nursing services may include dementia care. हम डिमेंशिया/ अल्ज़ाइमर से कैसे बच सकते हैं? Mumbai: 022-6138 1111, 6513 3848, 098205 38666 . Also,  interviews on active ageing, what to expect from day care services, managing  care challenges and  improving quality  of life, etc. • Delhi/ NCR 887, 11th Cross, 22nd Main, the elderly are taken care of when the family goes out of town for work or on vacation. hospital, and can be approached for certificates required for tax and other governmental purposes.NIMHANS, Hosur Road, Bangalore – 560029, IndiaPhone: 91-080-26995000 (switchboard), +91 80 26995530 (OPD enquiry), Site : Opens in new windowInformation on services/ clinics Opens in new window. Nightingales Medical Trust has two full-time care facilities in Bangalore that accept persons in all stages of dementia who need full-time professional help: While these residential cares are open, processes followed by them may have been changed because of COVID, such as the way they admit new residents or have procedures that protect residents, like not allowing visitors, etc. Presentation of NIKISA Dementia Village by Dr. S. Subramanya (IAS Retd.) Sudhama Old Age Home (, (RR Nagar, Bangalore): Run by a charitable trust. [read disclaimer]. Our team of experienced caretakers render superior palliative care, post-surgical care, physiotherapy, physical disability care, mental illness care, dementia daycare and NRI care for families abroad. Also, an app is available from Nightingales Medical Trust: DemKonnect. During this stage, it becomes necessary to provide 24-hour supervision to keep the person with dementia safe. The primary aim of this facility is to give a break to the family members from their caregiving duties. Their Nurses and Doctors are excellent, Best caring and on the whole, it is much cheaper than those pocket burning hospitals bills. 1st Block, RT Nagar, No details are available. Contact +91 81234 00400 and site elderaid.inEvrCare ( provides a range of on-demand services to help seniors stay independently at home – includes services like transportation, companionship. These resources have been collated for home caregivers in India, but may help others, too . This consists of various investigations and comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) by a panel that includes a geriatric specialist, a psychiatrist, and a psycho-social consultant.Contact the Health Check lounge on 9448254700 at KMC Hospital, Ambedkar Circle. SukinoNeuro Care center provides programs for Stroke rehabilitation, Alzheimer’s rehabilitation, Dementia rehabilitation, Parkinson’s & other neurological disorders at its residential Neuro rehabilitation facility in Bangalore and kochi.