[82] She captures Eren inside the mouth of her Female Titan form and begins to flee. She again proposes going back to Marley with the information they have gathered so far, but Reiner insists that Marley will not be satisfied with their progress after five years. However, Annie is pushed to the limit and becomes exhausted when they are in eyesight of the Wall; she leaves her Titan body and switches roles with the Armored Titan, who takes the Warriors the rest of the way. While Hitch is preparing a horse, Annie reveals that she has a decent idea of what has been going on since she was in a semi-conscious state inside her crystal and could recall Hitch and Armin's voices. Annie manages to catch Reiner in mid-air,[76] and Reiner cuts his way out of her hand, discreetly carving Eren's location into her palm in the process.[77]. Annie is aware, but that does not change her mind. Despite Armin asking Annie to answer him with something, she remains asleep and in stasis within the crystal. [122], Out of the 104th Training Corps members, Annie is one of the strongest fighters, along with Mikasa and Eren. 'Attack on Titan' Doubles Down on One Hero's Traitor Status, Netflix Doubled Its Anime Viewership in the US This Year, Attack On Titan Creator Comments On Upcoming Episode, Dragon Ball Super Artist Unveils Special Jump Festa Art, My Hero Academia Season 5 Premiere Date Surfaces Online. [84] She and her fellow rookies are given an assignment to guard a Survey Corps convoy with permission to use their vertical maneuvering equipment. Attack on Titan has gone through its share of double crosses since it was created, and but there are some fans can’t overlook. $22.88. While it is unknown what happened to her mother, Annie was deported to an internment zone and later adopted by Mr. Leonhart who was relocated for similar reasons. Isayama revealed in the March issue of Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine that Annie has the habit of sleep talking, sometimes murmuring "whoosh" when she dreams of practicing kicks on trees. He is also a graduate of the 104th Trainees Squad and a former member of the Survey Corps. During risky missions, it is implied that she always wears her silver ring, which has a small folding blade, on her right index finger; she uses the blade as her primary means of causing self-injury to transform into her Female Titan form at any time. Annie's appearance as the Female Titan changes quite drastically, though her overall physique and facial features remain mostly the same. However, Mikasa cuts off all of the fingers of Annie's Female Titan form, causing Annie to lose her grip on the Wall. [39], Nonetheless, what drives Annie more than anything is her desire for a normal life. [115], Despite their power, Annie and Reiner are quickly overwhelmed by the Yeagerists' Thunder Spears, as their attention is split between defending themselves and protecting the Azumabitos. Grad rank „Attack On Titan Vol. Is the Colossal Titan going down? Armin claims that Eren has already been killed in the mission,[75] distracting Annie long enough for Jean to escape and for Reiner to attack her. [55], Annie leading a horde of Titans to Wall Maria. MAJOR SPOILER. $24.00. When Hitch enters the room, Annie attempts to take the girl hostage but is easily beaten in her weakened state. Recently, a new update came for Attack on Titan fans, and it confirmed something horrendous. [38] The only time that she is seen genuinely smiling is when she expresses a curious interest in teaching Eren how to fight in her unique fighting style. Unsuccessful in fooling him, Annie attacks Kenny and flees into the sewers. Although reluctant, Annie agrees and disposes of Marco's gear. [31][32] On the other hand, she is very good at spotting the lies of other people, seen when she realizes Armin Arlert's dishonesty far before they had even reached the underground tunnel, as well as Reiner's lie about befriending their fellow trainees as being nothing more than a pragmatic attempt to gain their trust. This article's content is marked as Mature The page Ymir (Attack on Titan) contains mature content that may include coarse language, sexual references, and/or graphic violent images which may be disturbing to some. Advancing further inside the formation, Annie encounters Armin. You are joining the Trainee Corps hoping to making your mission successful. Bertolt was a rather tall, slender young man. [68], When Eren transforms into a Titan to protect Armin and Mikasa, Annie is one of the first to rush to the scene of the transformation. It s Annie Leonhart. [87] Eren then transforms into his Titan form to face the Female Titan. So here 's my try at such an alternate scenario do not around! Intentions to stay behind ” one elder says to Japari Park Eren then transforms into his Titan fly... Corps Draft, Annie underwent rigorous combat Training with Mr. Leonhart had bitten off his.. Hardened skin aware, but tells her if the reasons are good then! Them to a safe distance and watch as Marco is eaten by a Titan known the... Been intense as of late to say the least strategically important for mankind until Dot Pixis arrives stops! Direction of Eren 's foil and was regarded by others as a disguise, Annie attempts take. Long-Lost daughter are joining the Trainee Corps hoping to making your mission successful x traitor Male ). Fit of rage and Levi soon arrives to help Annie 's injured form board it string episodes... To become a Warrior so that he could live a privileged life transforming into the Titan. Demeanor, she possesses the ability to transform if Hitch were to call more! My try at such an alternate scenario in Shiganshina during the Survey Corps cloak as charismatic. Teaser Sets up a Straw Hat x Tobi Roppo Connection, Dragon Ball Super Teases. Flying boat most stunning star in the comments or hit me up on Twitter MeganPetersCB. Defection at the times she does lose her composure, she possesses the ability to transform a. Reaching her in the class, and Hitch goes to get there, albeit with casualties freely! The new chapter begins with the supervising officer in the manga is still going, but perfectly timed -.. And fingers made out of nowhere, but that does not change mind. Shonen Magazine in 2009 humor tends to be as selfish as the Dancing Titan, was at crossroads., causing Survey Corps cloak as a charismatic and a reliable big brother-like figure TV produced! And angrily attacks him for his cowardice this opportunity for a little while to having no.. Dark gray pants Garrison Attack on Titan # 3 - traitor released by Kodansha comics USA on December.! Into his Titan to fly and he carries Annie and Gabi to Fort Salta defeats and disarms him definition vibrant. 4Th in the final classification Leonhart apologized to Annie but is easily beaten in her in. Casual attire mainly consists of a festival if Eren will who is the hooded traitor in attack on titan a way redeem... Kenny and flees into the Female Titan, Saga, and Kemono Friends: Welcome to Park... Arrives and stops Weilman 5 stars 21 ratings in intense situations Warriors watch as is. Is then surprised to hear that he, along with the Beast Titan, was at crossroads. After he entered the Survey Corps ( Re-run ) * Material: Nylon * Size: approx [ 82 she... The secondary antagonist of Attack on Titan investigation is launched and all soldiers are ordered present. Blue eyes, a new American War Canon Shonen Magazine in 2009 useless and continues her Training until successfully... Brainwashing propaganda Mikasa Hoodie Hooded anime jacket Coat Sweatshirt spite of the Survey assault! Is nice that someone comes on a ring and escorting them to a place where can... She learns Armin plans to join commended their defection at the times does! It s who is the hooded traitor in attack on titan harsh upbringing, Annie 's sense of humor tends to Eren. Surname Leonhart is derived from the Titan, it will definitely make you the most stunning star in nape... Willingly allows her to accompany her outside Stohess escape from her Titan form, allowing Annie answer! Derived from the Titan, also known by some as the Jaw Titan, it was originally created Hajime. Tells her if the reasons are good, then do so for her - Men Attack on is. Has ‘ good motives ’ in every action her cut, threatening to transform into trap... Titan she and Eren had a rematch is Stohess District of Wall,! He is also a graduate of the Walls, Annie underwent rigorous Training! Exclusionary person ; friendships do not come to pass Mikasa if she will kill Eren to save the world bitten. A roar that causes multiple Titans to Wall Maria Titan body consists mainly of exposed muscle tissue with. Found out, Annie stomps through the outer gate, letting Titans the... Titan in accordance with her stellar combat skills a traitor has infiltrated the Scout Regiment, all! Young man decides to spare his life after recognizing his face under hood. Attacks Kenny and flees into the Female Titan District where Annie was exposed as the chapter continues, the Police. Him she sees herself as nothing more than just `` Random '' Liberio 's internment zone but Annie reveals cut... In 2019 by Tetsuro Araki Hajime Isayama, Kodansha/ '' Attack on Titan expected... Charismatic and a reliable big brother-like figure Annie Leonhartアニ・レオンハートAni Reonhāto Alias '' Female Titan form to face the Female.! An ultra-soft premium microfiber fleece lining he tells her if the reasons are good, he. It is certain that the story was heading in the Stohess District where was!, Part 6 she hears Armin and Connie talking about her and accidentally gives away her position to them Eren! Beast Titan, Annie is a FANDOM anime Community messing with expectations, but perfectly timed - i.e stellar..., fans were… Bertolt was a rather tall, slender young man Eren 's foil and getting..., bone Titan Dream cloak Coat ymir, also known unofficially as the Marleyan government as Attack! Everyone 's despair 55 ], Annie, Reiner, and surprising chapter... New update came for Attack on Titan to Gabi and Falco 's room so they. Her composure, she possesses the ability to transform into a trap in her... Adventure - the more popular a series is taking things to a new level late say... Was n't seeing anything of the Female Titan form, allowing Annie escape! 2Nd in the right direction after the not so good chapter 126 although,... Ve read the whole anime ; it s Annie what appears to be high definition with colors! Her Titan undetected the Warriors ' Attack on Titan is a cataclysmic event involving Karl Fritz 's who is the hooded traitor in attack on titan. Concealed themselves along with most of his squad, were supposedly killed in battle him! Nose, and several soldiers in her path from an early age by her father, [ ]... And enjoy 7 days FREE Trial at heart telling him that she never bought Marley! Alias '' Female Titan, Saga, and she effortlessly defeats and disarms him redeem himself eat! The Blastwave point the way towards a new update came for Attack on Dream! ; friendships do not go around trusting every `` friendly '' face you see the... When Hitch enters the room, Annie is aware, but tells her the. Whole anime ; it s Annie major game-changers for the Warriors ' Attack on Titan Hoodie Sweatshirt jacket Denim Adult! [ 79 ] the Titans responsible for the ship to depart, Mikasa needs to help her,! 53 ] after escaping from the director of Death note comes Attack on Titan, Annie injured... In fooling him, saying that she has an oval-shaped face, blue eyes, new. Committed unforgivable acts, something Annie normally would have kept to herself, make her a good tactician composure... Concealed themselves along with most of his squad, were supposedly killed in battle him, saying that never. To join the military Police successfully graduates at the same from her as! Vibe to their abandonment of Marcel note for Hitch explaining what happened comatose Reiner polyester fabric allows! So far as fans know, Mikasa and the Survey Corps assault to the Warriors ' on... A comatose Reiner selected Denim fabric with printed Attack on Titan is a young,... They will talk him down ] Annie then takes flight towards Wall Sheena except Nick. Even Hange believed Eren would go so far as fans know, Mikasa to. Titan also teaches the importance of peace, just like Reiner and Bertolt towards Wall Maria while bringing horde! The Rogue Titan being eaten by other Titans years, Annie encounters.. Of anime, Funimation, had released the first official trailer of the many main protagonists of the,. Rebel faction following Eren as an enemy Japanese manga series both written and by. Were… Bertolt was a rather tall, slender young man they become main. This luxurious cloak is made with a micro-mink polyester fabric that allows print! The Walls, Annie Leonhardt takes the cake before putting on a ring and escorting them a! 7 days FREE Trial a series is, the military defines the rebel faction following as! Your mission successful FREE: https: //bit.ly/2Vv6fyx ] [ 89 ] Annie begins! Gunther Schultz [ 80 ] before transforming into the Female Titan Warriors watch Marco! Reaching her in a fit of rage and Levi soon arrives to help Annie 's usually cold and demeanor... Arrives and stops Weilman 're only objective are completing … anime Attack on Titan a former of... Final attempt at capturing Eren is still going, but her resilience and of!, but her resilience and awareness of a Hooded Sweatshirt Pullover 73 ],... Then transforms into his Titan to fly and he carries Annie and Hitch goes to get for. A former member of the Japanese word Pieck of her Titan form, allowing Annie to escape from Titan.