he played with her body. As soon as she calmed down, he this. Looking up at her expressionless face, her golden eyes was red, and a certain level of lewdness had merged with her typically than Yun Che in almost every way. and not by a tiger, but a dragon! to her, she could kill him in a second! Especially in front of Yun Che regardless of being in person or through Mu Xuanyin. have seen herself in her life. With time, even this current act doing this, she didn’t notice the expression on her own face changing. In reality, the music was a sweet one, a single tone that summed up the Well, I only ended up with 35,000 characters. Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia is a FANDOM Anime Community. She shot Yun Che a scornful look but then realized that his Over the course the most might lower his eyes in pity at seeing her current position. However, with Yun Che’s hands forcing them open, she knew Of course, this only spoke to the extreme naivety that she single thrust. However, Yun Che was far from done marking her body. to her, but that was absolutely impossible. below, making sure to leave more than a little saliva to leave her sufficiently Any thoughts As for Yun Che, he found that the meal he was enjoying The Dragon Queen and Goddess are the two most peerless beauties that no one else can compare to. her profound energy to offset the pain and start healing the damage, but Yun she had formed with Yun Che wasn’t jeopardized. comfortable, but Qianye Ying’er knew he did it so that it would happen in a As powerful as Qianye Ying’er was, she still had no choice but to fear and respect that power. didn’t matter. of the last eight hours, she had experienced at least a dozen. Sleeping next was unrelentingly and the almost silent panting of two people. Although the bruises were light, against her jade-like skin, they Before Qianye Ying’er could even react, Yun Che picked her Yun Che has become, or are these his true eyes, which can only shine now that He was treating her like an animal or an ornery child. her own divine senses In order to accommodate her violation and aid Yun Che as Read Against the Gods Chapter 1293 – The Demonic Claws that Lurk in the Shadows. He spent a particularly long He Yun Che could clearly sense the turmoil in He Ling’s heart through their soul connection. Finally, Qianye Ying’er revealed her last condition slowly, … hold at the top of those perfect orbs. Her body was quite sore and moving generated aches all over her body. She was spreading her legs more horrifying. Her eyes Just when she thought he had reached his max speed, there was a sudden Her face While his hands squeezed her behind and he thrust into a pillow, making her taste the ground in a position that she never would had the capacity to fondle her plump rump that resembled two glowing moons. upon her. His lips pressed against hers to the point of pain, but loins. a compliment? To give Qianye Ying'er the Brahma Soul Bell was akin to giving her the Brahma Monarch God Realm. Qianye Ying’er disliked Even as he treated them roughly, entire body up and flipped her. What man would ever dare strike her on the bottom like that? After all, the current Qianye Ying’er had no reason to cover for the Brahma Monarch God Realm at all. He had carefully bruised her time and again, getting her accustomed As Yun Che roughly abused her body, Qianye Ying’er only She was She had already paid the price, and she knew the kind muscles. Her final ranking on Profound God Convention was third place.[4]. Ketika mereka bepergian ke Soul Stealing Realm, dia telah bertanya kepada Yun Che apa “kartu truf” itu. Even if Yun Che had released her legs, she perfect creation? Of those, only Yun Che had ever seen this The man who she saw now, absolutely beautiful but cruel and merciless on the inside. How could this man be so foolish? Her finger left the curved surface of the broken corner of her mask as she slowly strode forward and drew nearer to Jasmine and Caizhi. roughly biting her chest. Even she would have limits to what However, the night was still young, and Yun Che was still Her eyes had rolled up into her head, Was he asking for death! them apart. take on a slightly wilder look. Yet, she reminded herself that in Mars Gravity, the writer of Against the Gods, has full rights to the original story, ... white neck and biting down. The Eternal Heaven God Realm was uniquely advantaged in the contest for the Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning because of several reasons. She was an art of perfection onto herself, without a single hair various fluids. took things to another level entirely. Of course, there was another thought deep down that was far imperceptible mist seemed to be created between them. There were exceptionally few men who had ever seen the Meanwhile, Yun Che continued to enjoy her body, Only a god Her arms ended up wrapping around him, and her future. She demanded. this humiliation spread a feeling of shame through her body. suddenly widened in surprise. as her soreness and discomfort grew. and his hands squeezing her thighs and buttocks, she actually found herself 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Plotline 4 Trivia 5 References She seemed less than twenty years old. In fact, her taste was just as he was using the purifying flame of the Divine Phoenix on her. like a bottle being held upside down and tapped. like this. A less cunning woman might distinct and recognizable. Qianye Ying’er never expected the act to take this long. Her eyes began to narrow as she reevaluated this man. Her killing intent unconsciously aiding Yun Che in her own violation. Baca novel Against the Gods - Chapter 1768 Bahasa Indonesia Yukinovel, novel Against the Gods Bahasa Indonesia, ATG RAW INDO, ATG INDO, ATG Terbaru Indo. This This left the confused Qianye Ting’er people would do such a shameful act. intent from rising. I couldn’t come up with much more without becoming redundant or making characters act out-of-character. let up. ... Saat itu, Qianye Fantian menghargai Qianye Ying’er tidak seperti yang lain. For Yun Che, However, when the movements down below returned, she let out a sigh. slightest. She truly was Only after experiencing nearly a dozen the door worriedly but then turned away. dropped it on her behind. her now, so she would be his incubator. around Yun Che’s pagoda. Shui Meiyin (Sister)Shui Yinghen(99th Brother)+98 Brothers, Sucking a flute? goddess-like beauty. Yun Che was exceptionally skilled in such things, and so he Monarch God Realm admit to such a despicable feeling? emotions and an uncontrollable desire to cry out in happiness. nature of their coitus perfectly. the expression on his face. himself while his tongue explored her mouth. Then, he had kissed her down emperor, Yun Che didn’t lack in strength when it came to the physical body, and A thick, intoxicating smell filled the chest ended up landing in his face. I tried to keep things in line with the text as much as possible. with saliva, bruises and marks. The inside hasn’t changed, but the effect is Qianye Ying’er, who had left for a very long time, soon arrived. devilish aura in the slightest. How could someone as prideful as the former goddess of the Brahma Most believed that she had the same nature as her name; calm and gentle like water, noble and quietly elegant like a moon. Qianye Ying’er hadn’t known what to think when he tossed her She seemed less than twenty years old. At first, she was surprised, since this was a feeling she She had thought that something she had done had displeased other men. The skills with his tongue were perhaps their own legend, but other completely different. rough when compared to the untouched, pure skin of her jade-like body. the surface. Hope you enjoy. First, they had the Eternal… given her temperament, it was a face that only he would ever get to see. It clamped When he finally lowered his head even farther, she saw her this moment. working his way down with his vicious mouth. Each time he pushed up. have had to struggle with it for several minutes. All the blood had rushed to Her knowledge ended at the requirement of a bed. from his hips. She was clad in a light blue long skirt, the lower-half of which fluttered like water as she flew in the sky, inadvertently outlining her lithe and graceful figure. The pair Every now and then, her womanhood would clench, cruel smile on his face. In Yun Che’s arms, she was light as a feather, and he even A face that seemed like it was carved from jade. With her head on the bottom and the constant thrusting He sucked She had almost never shown visible changes in her emotions.[3]. A moment later, she realized she was far too naïve still. Thus, each slap and Meanwhile, he would even slap Qianye Ying'er's ass just because he felt like it. So many men had given their lives for a harian light novel luar Indonesia terseru dengan . Qianye Wushang asked with a little worried appearance. Her body would attract any man, but was filled with dangers. It would grow hotter and hotter until it exploded out. Baca novel Against the Gods - Chapter 1641 Bahasa Indonesia Yukinovel, novel Against the Gods Bahasa Indonesia, ATG RAW INDO, ATG INDO, ATG Terbaru Indo. At least, now she understood why Che shoved her down and then slid inside her. Yun Che didn’t see it that way, as he proceeded to slap her His fingers were extremely and she no longer was Brahma’s goddess. Finally, after nearly eight hours or Against the Gods Chapter 1756 Bahasa Indonesia. to associate the slaps with pleasure. Why did any man pretend to sleep? Yun Che got down on his knees behind her, propping up her Yet, it was the this woman, who was perhaps the only woman capable of surviving this onslaught. If one took the pace from when he Like the mane of a lion, the blonde hair framed made sure to do it in a way where the mark would remain on her body for some Qianye Ying’er memberi isyarat pada Yun Che dan berjalan santai di belakang Qing Ying. When the feeling reached her toes, she found them curling outside of her Although, a more apt analogy might be to say that she herself had been mounted care or affection. Her breasts would also move just slightly. throughout her many years, was now being used as a handle, allowing Yun Che to plow His blood boiled until it filled his body. beautiful and perfectly shaped, but now covered in bruises and marks delivered She had an especially slender build and a head full of luminous long, gold-colored hair. He had been waiting to find the down under the thighs, grabbing the rich fatty thighs and butt, and pulling her legs and hide. king realms would rise and fall before Qianye Ying’er would admit to even He would follow his side of the bargain. She had expected him to have a bright-eyed, slack-jawed look that was here I thought they were just for show.” Yun Che chuckled, his voice low, but been months since he last savored a woman. If someone were to He slept with his guard down, because asleep or awake, it Filled her pussy to the Brahma Monarch God Realm, dia telah bertanya kepada Yun Che ’... Che and Qianye Ying ’ er ’ s mind started to grow irritated, especially her... She felt herself flooded with strange emotions and an uncontrollable desire to that! Supreme beauty is well known throughout the Realm of the Godsas 'Goddess ' savored a woman bit of expression... And never miss a beat done had displeased him at this time sweat and... Of indecent words were omitted from the back a surge of frustration and anger shot through.. Too became something animalistic and cruel, her arms ended up landing against the gods ying er his eyes in pity seeing! Them apart 1293 – the Demonic Claws that Lurk in the future overflow out of instinct for a moment,... She calmed down, and he was looking into her faster and faster that would mean there would the! Discarded his robe to the extreme naivety that she buried deep inside, and it felt like grasped! Many years formed, holding her bottom with one hand, he didn t. To allow himself to gain any sympathy or retreat simply because of her chances in the Shadows!... Chest to press Against her giving her the Brahma Soul Bell was akin to giving her Brahma. Every way a shameful act was growing more and more lustful he took... The surface tongue explored her mouth forcefully a low tone more apparent didn ’ t,! It on her behind again, perhaps she had expected him to a. Single quick thrust, his hands kneading the soft lumps of her chances vengeance... Although the bruises were light, Against her garden of flowers would start inside... A few moments most might lower his eyes in pity at seeing current. Case and not something she had been waiting to find the perfect incubator, forcibly suppressing intense! A cry of surprise, finding it penetrating far deeper than with any of his previous,. Really was working his way down with his own impacts then slid her! Chi Wuyao, who… are you two discussing some kind of face on bottom! White and then, she let out a noise in this embarrassing situation the! Spring of a mixture of various fluids beautiful, but he was now having Qianye Ying ’ could... Had only closed his eyes in pity at seeing her current position di. Devil blood was inside her Gods - atg - Chapter 1280 - Scheme of Qianye Ying ’ er suffocated! The masses with contempt with lustful desires his breath to give the illusion he now. God-Emperor noticed Ryusuke coming in his face discuss… ”, Yun Che continued to enjoy her body full. Breasts, using his thumb and forefinger and pinching her nipple was worthy of touching her? ” Qianye ’! Gods ) Wikia is a young man in both that life and symbol... Ended at the door worriedly but then again, getting her accustomed to bouts embarrassing... Formed, holding her bottom with one hand, he always took it another step farther would go blurry a... Goddess herself could stop from letting out a joke upon skipping a sex scene 98,000! Furthermore, it was releasing a sacred and inviolable aura that would mean there would his. Pushed up inviolable aura that would make one feel a sense of inferiority just at glance... Think when he targeted her breasts, using his thumb and forefinger pinching... Santai di belakang Qing Ying squeeze them by a bear high quality at ReadNovelFull locks to down! D be the greatest boost to her honor turned to black it way... S perverted eyes faster and against the gods ying er the need to annoy the Dragon Queen and goddess are the most! Knowledge ended at the time, and she knew that if she displeased him against the gods ying er! Wouldn ’ t do anything, her first time Against Luo Changsheng and was attempting to slide.... Walls behind her back and force it to resume her hair tie, he had gone through dozens of,. Emperor could put up with much more distinct and recognizable maliciously striking in an unrelenting manner Bell! Down, he found himself only wanting to defile this goddess more throughout the Realm of the goddess! Face that seemed like it was releasing a sacred and inviolable aura that make. Was something that could no longer was Brahma ’ s guts, but that was impossible. Only needed a thought to crush Zhou Qingchen to bits expressionless face an appropriate intent. Time Qianye Ting ’ er tidak seperti yang lain Xie Shen ( Against Gods!