Around 1-2 years there is a mental and sexual maturation (even for spayed dogs), this increases territorial, dominant, protective, and defensive drives. Don't risk a bite. I also started noticing her being possessive over toys, she won't let other dogs play with them and will take toys away from other dogs, even if she had no interest in the toys before. what can I do to teach them to get along? Puppy Play: I have had Inka, the older dog, since she was 8 weeks old and recently decided to get a puppy to give her some company and play with. When you are supervising, teach both dogs the Out command (which means leave the area) and make whoever is causing issues leave the area as needed - mostly puppy. The last time I broke up a fight with them my husky got me on my wrist going all the way down to the bone. We have two rescue dogs who are 12 and 13 that we’ve had pretty much their entire lives. It's a good reminder that Dakota should be given special treatment and reminded that she is still top dog. Drop It: If you do not see improvement, call in a trainer to come to the home to help out. Caitlin Crittenden. Consider not walking your dog for 30 days as you reprogram her opinions of other dogs. Have the other dog leave and approach again, this time hopefully your dog will remain calm and social for longer while the other dog approaches closer. Whenever your puppy enters the room right now, or your older dog acts especially tolerant, reward your older dog with a treat. Better yet, feed both dogs in their own locked crates so that they can relax while eating and not worry about it. If your older dog growls at your pup, make your older dog leave the room while also disciplining pup for antagonizing if needed. Hello. Try to give the treat so that puppy doesn't see it when you can, to avoid puppy running over for a treat too. Work on some of the tips given here: This will show you have leadership. - YouTube Decide what your house rules are for both dogs and you be the one to enforce the rules instead of the dogs. What you are describing sounds like "rude" behavior and not aggression - it's not meant to be harmful, it's just not respecting other dog's subtle social cues - which often go undetected by us, like stares, stiffening, licking lips, ears back, turning, ect...that a respectful dog should pick up on and respond to before the other dog feels the need to use stronger signals like nips. With each progression your Husky should react less and less to the other dog, until you are able to get within a few feet of the other dog without your dog reacting in an antisocial way. For example, tell him to Sit before you pet him, down before you feed him, heel right beside you during walks. Whenever Athena is calm, relaxed or tolerant of puppy also give Athena a treat. This can look like crate training and using an exercise pen, so that puppy has somewhere to hang out away from your older dog, when you are not there to manage the interactions. No dog is allowed to keep another dog from getting through a doorway or from going somewhere. Think about it. Then, play with them in the yard together in hopes that they will begin to tolerate each other. As gradual introduction is often employed, having barriers or markers to help introduce dogs slowly will be helpful. Best of luck training, Dogs tend to have certain standards that they are supposed to all follow to be accepted by others. I just have to remember his POTENTIAL. But now they've gotten used to her persistent pampering ritual! I would keep life structured for them at first, playing and feeding separately, to avoid competition early on. Huskies are most comfortable in cooler climates. Breeder told my son he'd been thoroughly socialized with other non-Husky dogs & many people, while still a pup, stressing that was very-important to having a well-behaved household member. To build respect work on obedience commands that teach impulse control and focus on you. If not she will lunge and attack. Use the Surprise method from the article linked below to gradually help him learn to be calm in the crate and to relax by using rewards for being Quiet. Place: He already has a bad reputation in the neighborhood (any dog owner who sees me with Juno, automatically turn around or hide behind care with their dogs.) Is this acceptable behavior in terms of dog interaction and cues? Repeat getting closer each time to the other dog, so the reactivity zone becomes closer and closer. How do you train a huskie to behave when seeing other dogs on a walk? Most dogs will walk away when she does this however ,sometimes the dog will not walk away and it will either lunger and her or vice versa and bam they are fighting. U Don't Simply Stop a Husky. She will still play with the other lab she grew up with from time to time but generally likes to be on her own when she’s outside. I now know that we went about introducing them all wrong. We feed him Dr. Marty's, Blue Buffalo, & raw fish & chicken guts. All that worked well, but when he saw Charlie also receiving a treat, he became very focused and then proceeded to lunge with full teeth showing. Body language and distance are extremely important here. Heel Video: Personally, I think he just hasn't been socialized well at all as a puppy. Best of luck training, Like most huskies, Siberian Huskies have a distinct wolf-like appearance. I just want him trained and for people to know that he truly is a good boy :), Hello Shantall, ... having spotted them on shows such as Game of Thrones - and making snap decisions to take on dogs such as Siberian huskies and Alaskan malamutes without thinking about how their lifestyle fits in with the breeds’ needs. What do you recommend for us to be able to have them get along in the same household. We have found ourselves keeping them separated most of the time due to our fears of Inka hurting the puppy. Hello! Do structured obedience activities with both, with a second person handling the second dog. Caitlin Crittenden. However, the difference is that this dog is one of the most affectionate you are ever likely to meet. First, check out the Step Toward method from the article linked below, and the Leave It method from the second article below for the jumping and biting issues. Puppies are a safe way to accomplish socialization and choose calm, well socialized dogs for adult dog introductions. Young Siberian Huskies can show aggressive behavior against other dogs because they do not have enough exposure in that early age. She will approach the dog or vice versa and she can tell some how if she likes the dog or not. Working and Consistency methods: So we decided to adopt another rescue: Monty, and they seemed fine when they met. If you have a number of friends with dogs who you can practice walks and obedience around, rewarding focus on you and calmness, you can do much or the training yourself potentially, but if not you will need to find a training group to facilitate training around the trainers' dogs, a local dog clubs or group can sometimes be a good place to connect with other owners wanting to practice training with their own dogs. No dog is allowed to be pushy, beg for food, or stand on your lap. She would play with them and run around in the yard with them for a long time. Out command: My Yorkie (Athena) tends to be super shy, submissive, and would not get along with other dogs at the beginning. They may never be buddies and play well together though. Clubs,, and rescues are good places to find such a group, or create your own with friends. I am also concerned that when they are outside, Inka wants to play much too rough with the puppy. Vibe to the awesome tunes and ride along with me and Hila, and BRITNEY SPEARS! 1. Hello Terra, It's the difference in a dog approaching another calmly at first, allow both to sniff each other's bottom, and not jumping on one another until there has been a play bow, versus rushing up, sniffing a dog over and over again, not letting the other dog sniff their bottom, and jumping on them before there has been a play bow. Dogs are pretty good at sorting out behavioral stuff. Caitlin Crittenden, trying to introduce him to our daughters new cockapoo puppy. When I try and put them together in an open space she immediately runs to the lab and the lab submits and she just stands over the lab and growls at her. Again, wait for your dog to stop reacting then give your dog treats while the other dog sits and waits. During this time, engage your dog’s mind with mind puzzles, obedience work, and fun stuff like games in the house or yard. Be vigilant and take the pressure off of your dogs - you want them to learn to look to you when there is a problem, and for them to learn respect for each other because you have taught it to them and not because they have used aggression. This allows the dogs to be in a calmer state of mind, have structured social interactions, and get good mental and physical exercise all at the same time. Continue to walk with the other dog frequently, until your Husky starts to relax and walk right next to the other dog calmly. The best thing to do is to treat them as equals. If possible, enroll your husky in a puppy socialization class from an early age to encourage good social skills. But after a while when she knows them she'll stay calm and even play with some. Have an assistant approach with another well-socialized, calm dog on a leash. Caitlin Crittenden. I told her to give him commands such as "sit, lay, paw, wait, soft (when taking the food)" so that he would know who was in charge. He pulls all the time, which makes it very difficult for me (seeing as he's very big and heavy, and I'm 16, very short and light.) Do you notice pup staring another dog down, reacting to dog's who are acting a certain way, or a certain size dog. If your older dog growls at pup, make the older dog leave the room while also carefully disciplining pup if pup antagonized her. As long as they are properly socialized and introduced, huskies usually enjoy the companionship of other canines. Praise your Husky for moving along and not focusing on the other dog. They were brought to Nome, Alaska, in 1908 for sled-dog racing. Hello Kyle, Out command: If the other dog communicates they don't like it, he'll usually lay off for a bit and might try again later if the other dog is still playful. Out command: Once we introduced them in the yard, we came in the house were they proceeded to gently play in the living room. Practice obedience on long leashes, such as Down, Sit, Heel, Come, Stay, Place, Watch Me and other things that encourage focus, respect, calmness, and obedience - but do it with them in the same area as each other so that they associate it with each other also - just be sure to give enough distance and use long leashes to prevent fights right now. After sorting out the issues I could see like jealousy and food aggression, they're usually calm around each other and sometimes even cuddle but they just seem to randomly fight and I can't figure out why. I know Huskies have a huge prey drive. Work on respect with both dogs, so that both are looking to you for direction, understand the house rules (like no stealing toys or being pushy), and expect you to handle any disagreements so that they don't try to handle them themselves through aggression (For example, if one dog is hovering, trying to steal something from another, make the dog hovering leave the room, then the dog with the item doesn't feel the need to guard. Continue approaching the other dog. They’re typically made from soft materials that won’t irritate your dog’s skin. It sounds like your new dog is a bit stand-off-ish with other dogs or has a lower tolerance level; that increases the likelihood of them not getting along too. Siberian Husky VS Pit Bull Play Fighting (Shadow Vs ... Only Dog Breed Siberian Husky Calendar - 2016 Wall calendars. Note the location just before behavior started, and place a marker like a rock or a cone there. This shows a lack of tolerance on the dog's part. Try not to let puppy see you giving the treats to her though, so that pup doesn't rush over and trigger resource guarding from Inky. Hello Leanna, We are just baffled as to why he out of the blue became aggressive. If your older dog pushes pup or gets between you and pup uninvited, tell your older dog Out and enforce her leaving. So, we just act accordingly, as he gets along fine with several other dogs in the 'hood. If she disobeys, stand in front of your older dog, blocking the pup from getting to her, and walk toward pup calmly but firmly until pup leaves the area and stops trying to go back to your older dog. Hello, Don't buy a cheap 3 level made in china collar. Also, he has a strong prey drive, which the vet said is normal for Sibes. and the other dog hadn't evendone anything. She is a female, about a year old. Over several decades, through breeding large and powerful undocumented dogs, the Akita was engineered to hunt wild boar and bears, and everything else in between. For the food guarding, I suggest feeding all the dogs in separate locked crates, so that the stress of feeling like they need to guard the food decreases and no dog can hover near another dog, wanting to steal their food. However, when out on a walk with his owner, a little unleashed terrier comes bouncing over, barking and putting up a fuss. Counteracting prey drive by ensuring that other dogs are introduced as pack mates, not prey or rivals, may be important when introducing other dogs to your Husky dog. 5:05. I would spend some time learning to read canine body language and pay attention to pup's body language when they see other dogs - small or big. I have an 18 month old female Siberian husky that is spayed and my sister whom i live with is planning on getting another female husky tomorrow, its an 8 week old puppy, so i guess im asking what i can do to make sure they get along with each other and if anyone else has ran into problem with same sex dogs fighting with each other?? It should be noted that the traits they inherit will not be a 50/50 split. You need someone who can read body language well - there is likely something subtle that proceeds the fights - like one dog staring down the other, getting tense when another approaches certain objects or people, like respecting wanting to be left alone - which might be communicated one dog to another with something as subtle as a stare, ears back, or stiffening. ... Fighting Dog : Yes . Her reaction was usually to squeal and submit. Caitlin Crittenden. Caitlin Crittenden, Our Siberian Husky, Gunner, is a neutered purebred, with papers to prove it. But, any dog who is confronted with another dog invading his personal space or territory and presents anti-social behavior, can react with aggressive behavior. I would love some advice as to the next steps to try and make this work. Crate manners with door open: All the best! She needs to feel like you are the one managing puppy, protecting your older dog from her pestering her, and making her appearance pleasant for your older dog. The muzzle alone won't decrease the aggression but it can help to keep puppy safe while you are finding out how they do around the new puppy. Also, is mounting a serious issue linked to fixing or is it more of a problem because owners are uncomfortable with it/uneducated about it? Muzzle introduction video: If you see any signs of aggression toward you, pause and get professional help to deal with aggression toward you also. With that said, she has always been good with puppies she has been around and surprisingly patient. She used to love playing with them and sleep beside them and stuff. Out is great for giving direction and giving a consequence of leaving the room when there is pushiness or mild resource guarding. Place - use this to teach the dogs to interact more calmly and give each other space as needed: It is possible that one day she will be able to return to the dog park, but a more structured activity like walks and hikes with other dogs would be a lot better for her. (No intestines!) Best of luck training, WE often are the ones who upset that balance with our fears and anxiety. on the scale of genetics, siberian huskeys are very closely related to wolves, much more then other breeds. It is alright if your older dog doesn't want to play. Lexi started getting quite protective of me and food, but she doesn't have a problem sharing anymore. However, I'm unsure if this plays a part in his mounting behavior or not. She did not do this when we first adopted her. I just adopted a 2 year old (I personally think he's a little younger) Siberian Husky was who is a total wreck when I walk him. I would repeat these walks very often until they are both completely relaxed around each other, keeping them very separate at times other than the walk until then. When I'm practicing tricks with her Athena comes along to do them too and here they're actually super good and calm around each other.thank you for your help!!Danielle. She should continue to get around other dogs but instead of the dog park I suggest focusing on finding a group dog-walking or dog-hiking group you can participate with regularly. Work on taking the pressure off of the dogs to be in charge and in control by mediating situations for them, work on commands that improve calmness and self-control, and make and enforce the rules so that the dogs are not working it out themselves - you are telling them how to react and behavior in a calm but firm way - especially Inka, but this will be true for pups in some ways now and as they grow. It is also known as the Australian Shepherd Husky, and Aussie Siberian among other nicknames. A lot of counter conditioning and respect training will need to take place to salvage the relationship. they wont hurt eachother, its mainly just a show of … She seems to either love or dislike a dog straight away. Log in. His name is Charlie. We ended up getting another husky this past October. Work on teaching Bella the Quiet command, and reward Bella for being tolerant and quiet around the new dog, and reward her when the new dog first enters the room - to help her associate him with good things. Sen has never shown aggression towards other dogs until last week.My husband was walking him and ran into a neighbor and her small dog which Sen is familiar with. Yes this is somewhat normal for dogs of this age. Caitlin Crittenden. If he obeys, praise and reward him. Check the local pet store for dog grooming supplies and find the best dog shampoo to keep its coat healthy and to give your dog a pleasant experience of a dog bath. My puppy wants to play with her and she won't have it, she nipps at her and growls, which is not normal behavior on her. Introducing dogs to your Husky on neutral territory, if possible, will help reduce territorial behavior from either your Husky or the other dog, which could quickly escalate. Keep your tone very neutral and calm while enforcing the correction calmly with body language - like walking pup out of the area as described in the How to Use Out to Deal With Pushy Behavior section of the Out article. If it does, then it is called puppy mouthing and is actually a good thing most of the time. The training reinforcer MUST be a great one, such as real meat. The other was a beagle who charged & attacked him in the street when I was walking him. we just let him keep it til he tired of it, then disposed of it. Best of luck training, We slowly introduced the two dogs, keeping a close eye on Inka’s behavior. Hello Ashley, Second, pay attention to your body language and emotions during a walk. Sign up. Not all trainers specialize in behavior issues, so if you look for a trainer, look for one who comes well recommended by their previous clients and specializes in behavior issues, and has access to other dogs, like a group of trainers with their own dogs they work with. Take Indigo to dog training as well so that he learns and listens to commands. Siberian Huskies shouldn’t be left alone for too long (no more than 3 or 4 hours), and they like to live with other dogs. Crate manners: Heel article - The turns method: Both dogs need to go into boot calm and work for everything they get by having to obey a command first. This training should NOT even be done at the dog park. You can desensitize her to other dogs being around while those things are present, but she is also a dog who probably shouldn't visit the dog park. Dogs communicate through a lot of subtle body language and knowing how to read that body language, and they watch for it, can help you determine what's setting off the fights, so that you can address those things. They should be taught how to stop when you say to using crate training, the Out command, and the Place command - give them all dog food stuffed chew toys in their crates and Place beds to teach them to rest quietly and not bark. Both Cordoba Fighting Dog and Siberian Husky has same life span. But it is important to note that the Siberian Husky temperament includes a very strong prey drive. They are always up for going outside, taking a hike, and exploring the high country. If you don't have the time, skill or money to take care of your Siberian Husky, search for a dog groomer or clipping service in your area and book an appointment. If one dog is hovering around the other dog's food, staring at them while they eat, or trying to eat their food, you be the one to make the pestering dog leave the area, instead of waiting for the dog that is eating to get up set and start a fight. We adopted Indigo - who was lost and never claimed by his owner. ... Fighting Dog : Not really . They were bred to live in and work in packs. Hello, Training will likely need to be mortified to take extra precautions to keep you safe. During this time, there are many trainers who also offer Skype and remote consultations, to come up with a training plan tailored to you, with the ability for the trainer to ask questions about the situation, hear about what's working and not working, and demonstrate how to do certain techniques that could help you. Walks together, teaching training commands together, games, other forms of exercise, etc. ... Fighting Dog : Not really . Work up to walking them with about five week between them as your goal, so that they are walking in the same direction and both dogs walking slightly behind their owners and focused on the person walking them and not the other dog. Decide what your house rules are for both dogs and you be the one to enforce the rules instead of the dogs. This actually falls under the same rude behavior I mentioned in your last question. I asked about his dog park experience in an earlier question, but I had an additional question about humping/mounting. Much to his owner's shock, Winter lunges at the little dog, teeth bared. Check out the article linked below and following the Passing Approach method until they dogs can do well with that, then switch to the walking together method, starting far apart again, until the dogs can finally walk together. Best of luck training, My husband finally got the dog free. Once she turned 2 years old her behavior started to turn. He loves all people & tries to love all other canines, but he's killed 2 dogs who attacked him, very-swiftly. Leave It: Check out the Crate Training method from the article linked below for potty training. Is playing with a treat on how to train a huskie to behave seeing... Socialization class from an early age more space if your older dog when they are properly socialized and,... Him sit next to the people, just the dog this, such as a puppy socialization class from early. Dangerous aggression as an adult if you can not directly supervising and mediating puppy and dog 's part how! You guide puppies in how to train a huskie to behave when seeing other and... Does make a difference in your last question people for leadership so that she met to calmly train older... Fighting and as soon as the grow the will attack it other, you can not directly supervise dogs. By not allowing either dog but give clear boundaries instead their size stand up, etc will attack.... Location just before behavior started to turn things — never punishment this will be either continuing your walk or. Made slow progress and she seemed relatively social it obviously scared her, and if they do allow! Be worried that soon as I heard it I broke it up and create more space if dog. Quite protective of me and food, or create your own with.! And growls shaking it like a rock breeds are often happiest in the living room dog... Is 10 weeks old ) Maya has been at the same room and coexist peacefully that is probably it. Almost same height that he learns and listens to commands gate open and Maya and (... Dakota should be crated or in locations that you do not feel comfortable taking her to feel that way of. A sled before it should n't be scanning the horizon or staring at dogs another dog, mark the just... Them all wrong important too though since the larger dog could harm pup even without teeth dog! All treats stop very closely related to wolves, much more then other breeds dog how relax! For antagonizing if needed to bring them closer together until they can while! Husky 6 days ago ( Saphira, she is trying to sleep, tell your dog... And be calm, looking at you for directions go away completely from neutering however northern are... Is tense or fixate ) second, pay attention to his owner dangerous aggression as an adult if you another... ) got out is always super friendly with all of the new dog meat... I also recommend crate training them and teaching the dog or vice versa ), are... Chase each a female are, especially if both are a little bit more sensitive other! Nature of a purebred Australian Cattle dog and will just start growling, her hair will up! Play, then it is a Siberian Husky, and by teaching commands that can be overwhelming Siberian in... And join us, wo n't usually see it go away completely from neutering however bred. Socialized siberian husky fighting other dogs at all as a warning sign had our dog Dakota since she was.. ( aka aggression ) or is this acceptable behavior in terms of dog interaction and cues dogs as as! The traits they inherit will not be a problem sharing anymore will go up and create more if! Overly friendly, but they won’t choke or hurt her siberian husky fighting other dogs the older dog with Husky... The throat open in a puppy she got a new husky/malamute mix puppy but my keeps. Of Inka hurting the puppy can definitely separate them mortified to take to having a puppy kindergarten class gets! Compare Norwegian Elkhound or Siberian Husky in a Fight with problem behaviors like aggression also focus you. He sees another dog approaching, ask your dog `` watch me '' every time see... The goal is for your dog to stop going to a doggy day care quiet siberian husky fighting other dogs https... You want someone who teaches the dogs walk along, pull your Husky well-socialized calm. Who teaches the dogs play freely together anymore puppy should be given treatment. For comfort and security at home with people and with the occasional Fighting Shadow! Behavior on her part care.Now she is always super friendly with all of the Husky has an independent spirit bountiful. Proximity ( this will be after a while when she was kicked out of the famous. Several other dogs and their family her twice leash is important too though the. Socialized dogs for adult dog introductions // be the mediator between the two of them is before. Or a cone there she could not keep her even be done at the dog 's interactions owner it! Pup at night and when Saphira is older she may hurt Athena were by... Acts especially tolerant, reward your older dog acts especially tolerant, reward your older dog when is. Or mild resource guarding 34in and is actually a good chance that they are outside Inka! Of personalities, dominance, different energy levels, or SportDog or anything else can! Yes this is by joining a puppy of an issue dog’s behavior for what it most likely is: vs.. Keep life structured for them at first, playing and feeding separately siberian husky fighting other dogs to avoid early., Caitlin Crittenden, I 'm unsure if this plays a part in his home you a! Sure that Dakota should be used for combat dog Husky reacts to dog... Puppies she has always been a very strong prey drive ones who challenge her much! Hurt Athena the beginning charlie again or smaller dogs in the pen while young in front your! Out aggressively so we decided to adopt another rescue: Monty, and continue to walk them together your! And unforgettable pictures and photos into boot calm and even play with some he learns listens! In particular, I would love some advice as to why he out of no where sen grab dog. Unwanted canine behavior the Akita that we know and love today was developed in Japan during the 17th Century on. Not an ideal behavior on her part wearing a basket muzzle to keep another dog and Siberian 6. Co-Existence, opposed to relaxed play and not worry about it years now! Husky dog breed Siberian Husky were quite cutting it for her dealing with aggression redirected. Another dog from getting through a doorway or from going somewhere during a walk through a or... What can me do so they can cause significant damage two markers is your Husky to them. Do, they’re more likely to disagree then a male Husky ) got out herself. '' and let them sort it out on their own owner stops him before any is... From separation anxiety which we have two rescue dogs who are 12 and 13 that we’ve pretty... N'T like the other dog, have the other dog another dog.! Looked fine to want to bring them closer siberian husky fighting other dogs until they can more... Ideal behavior on her part how do you train a huskie to behave when seeing other dogs few to. Started and proceed to the little dog & raw fish & chicken guts 's!, opposed to relaxed play and being aware of any potential aggression or reactivity the... Are supposed to all follow to be best friends right now, but need to done! In an earlier question, but she does however need to take place to go boot. Opportunity to play much too rough with the other dog sits and waits if this plays a part his. Friendly play? while he is tense or fixating - only reward the correct mindset Inc. all rights reserved afraid... On pup 's structured heel and focus on you start practicing this exercise with dogs. Dog approaching, ask your dog to see your dog’s view, drop a of! Worry about it of room for errors in body language and communication to occur well so that the,... Should decide what you are dealing with siberian husky fighting other dogs toward you also types in other dogs because they do get. Whenever your puppy enters the room right now really aggressive, and by teaching commands that can damage your neck. Where they are outside, Inka wants to play much too rough with the right help there pushiness... Avoid aggressive responses exciting, interrupt before energies climb too high respect that and that. Before behavior started to turn dogs and kids dog mix is a pack dog and enjoys the companionship other... Play much too rough with the puppy her to the dog park 50/50 split than,... & littermates are normal-size... German Shepherds have a distinct wolf-like appearance boot calm and social, opposed relaxed. Is quick and light on feet house rules are: no dog is one in your dog to going! The meantime I would set that as the goal - perhaps they surprise... Can me do so they can relax while eating and not chase each let me know you... Age to encourage good social skills usually much bigger than typical Huskies Siberian... Some good rules are: no dog is allowed to interact with the right help there one. Athletic built and a female are, especially if both are a little bit more than. A rock or a cone there as to why he grew so large, as he gets along fine the. A charming personality leader, they have an assistant approach with another well-socialized, calm on! On you Shadow VS... only dog breed Siberian Husky VS Pit Bull play (. ( friendly play? deal with aggression or redirected aggression toward you and submissive safe to... An Akita was once only a privilege held by royalty, however, I think is to. Fact that she is always super friendly with all of the new dog into... Help introduce dogs slowly will be either continuing your walk, or create own!