By adapting the way they work to maintain social distancing the project team was able to continue operating in line with Government, CLC and PHE guidelines as well as delivering work safely and maintaining programme. re-start of their pipe-jack works whilst the Dormay Street team is making good progress with their interception chamber roof as is the King George’s Park team to their air treatment chamber base. Prior to the outbreak, some digital information screens were also installed across the city to provide information on road closures and current traffic news. Evan is always willing to listen to any safety concerns I may have for the jobsite and responds with thoughtful corrections. Maintaining progress at One Palace Street, London. Living and breathing safety in North Carolina. Keeping water flowing across Thames Valley. Combined, the ideas form a strategic roadmap which will help make sure that Balfour Beatty is fighting fit and gets back to full productivity - and more - as quickly as possible. Tel: 01273 557341. When speaking with the local community to plan the works, the team realised that many NHS key workers at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, use this route to return home and that 8pm is a key shift change time. We also introduced additional guidance for First Aider’s and are complemented by daily briefings from our site and contract leaders, at which additional measures that have been implemented to help slow the spread of COVID-19 are explained. On the tunnel boring machines controlled access and dedicated work areas have been introduced as well. When the SafeGrip is lifted, it pushes against the side of the trolley, securely holding the trolley in place. Business Plan 2019 - 2021; IPS Review; Public School Review - 2020; ... Staff have discussed with students the COVID-19 virus in terms of outlining hygiene expectations. Balfour Beatty has recognised that the pandemic will spread if they continue with their conventional ways of handwashing at wash basins and have commenced using a touch-free rugged and reliable wash basin, where people can wash their hands as many times as they want without touching the tap or soap dispenser, it is the answer to eliminate spread of diseases in these uncertain times. Two GP practices were closed on Tuesday for cleaning over coronavirus fears, but have reopened with some disruption to appointments. Not only does it allow the users to keep two metres away from each other, but it is a better way of lifting and moving the trolley, which helps alleviate the slips, trips and falls incidents. Balfour Beatty’s COVID-19 Site Operating Procedures, Secretary of State for Business letter of thanks. The sink reduces COVID-19 risks as users can wash their hands without touching any other surface. He is keen to return to his normal life and spend time with his family out of the media spotlight. At the end of the programme and after their submissions had been moderated, pupils had the opportunity to earn an Industrial Cadets Silver Award, which they can use in their development portfolios. These sections of the railway are some of the busiest in the UK for travelling or commuting in and out of London. It leverages the power of our Data Lake, (a cloud-based data storage method which allows us to separate data from specific applications and store it in a raw format) to drive more standardised, useful performance management information at a project level. The SafeGrip allows both employees to keep a two metres distance and stops each other encroaching the other operative’s exclusion zone. Each communal area also has clear markers for how many people are allowed in at one time and in busy areas we have dedicated people to ensure measures are adhered to at all times.