Wood Pellet Boiler Stove. Parts include: Replacement blowers, door gasket, firebox door glass, catalysts, insulation, and firebricks. Stoves. This is the handle, ONLY. $9.99. This stove will not heat 2000 sq ft and get 8-10 hour burn times tho! …. Kalor Ada 28 Features: We recommend cleaning the burn pot and pellet feeding component (i.e auger) at least once after using a ton of wood pellets in the stove. Antique Majestic Cast Iron Stove Handle Grate Vintage Ash Shaker Crank Tool . It comes with a big ash drawer which makes ash removal easy. FREE Shipping. $10.00. Imperial LT0162 Gardening Shovel Black . ***Please contact Obadiah's for any parts you need that are not available on our website, we are able to special order many different kinds of parts that may not be shown on our online parts store. This causes rust and other damaging processes to … The Kalor Ada 28 is a 28kW Boiler Stove offering great design in conjunction with a highly efficient boiler. Hearthstone Part# 2010-160 OEM Hearthstone Part. Replacement parts for wood stoves. New Energy Distributing. 601 6th Ave NW The S-Series Wood stove features a clean and contemporary look. T2100 Choose your manufacturer from the list above. $.ajax({url: "/scripts/ecs/ssi_cart.php", complete: function(xhr) { T2200 Not only you … 8011 Mansfield Installation Manuals; Installation Videos; Use & Care . FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon . $15.00. Many stove manufacturers recommend to leave a layer of ash at the base of the firebox to help protect the components inside the firebox or ash pan from the heat of the fire, and also to help insulate the coals … 2500 Wood Stove replacement service parts *Instructions: Fill in the quantity field and click Add To Cart for parts to be added to your shopping cart All sales are final and products purchased cannot be returned. I know most stove buyers demand them, but most of the ones I've used has been fussy and messy and too hot to touch. FAQs; Troubleshooting Videos; Manuals; Contact Us; Installation. A wood stove is an excellent way to cook in and heat your home. 3905 MT Hwy 40 W An ash scoop is available in many different styles. Replacement cast iron removable ash plug for Country Stoves and IronStrike wood-burning stoves and fireplaces. The Ashley AW2520E-P has an efficient 112,800 BTUs and can heat up to 2,500 sq. $('#cartVirtualArea').text('My Cart (' + itemCount + ') ' + priceSubtotal).show(); Uses for Wood Ash 1. May fit other models, check owner's manual for... Mountain View Hearth Products qty: 58- ash plug (942-110) +$33.17 QTY: 59- ASH PLUG TOOL HANDLE (820-249) +$18.50 QTY: 140- LEGS- CAST BLACK [4 per unit, each sold separately] (850-126) +$106.00 } WARNING: This part is designed to be used with a product that operates with wood or wood pellets. My two previous stoves had ash pans in their pedestals that never had ash in them. Replacement wooden ash door handle for Vermont Castings wood-burning stoves. Quality Hearth Products. TI-2201 The dumb plug in the floor of the firebox was never even lifted. All BIS parts are OEM parts and only OEM parts should be used to repair your BIS fireplace. 95. Troubleshooting. Dyersville, IA 52040, Copyright © 2015 by New Energy Distributing Inc. | Sitemap| Articles, /*