Cozy Art Gallery - A sixteen plus, Safe for Work art Discord server. Outage History Insights ... @xigzagoon The issues with keeping the zoo discussion to specifically tagged and delineated spaces like a discord server so that people who want to avoid that topic can ... @PolyphoniaTW @wigglytickly my problem is not the art itself, it's the content of the project that im working on (at Discord) Let everyone know about your discord server. It would be well appreciated if you where to join. Discord is just so simple and really effective when it comes to showing you artwork or to connecting with other artists! Miss Sims . But don't go by the name of the server. Cozy Art … Get exclusive patron-only merch. A server for sharing and critiquing art, writing, and cosplay. Made by a couple friends for a Roblox group and for our games, we are just an community who like art and developing! -Beta. With more than 2,269 servers about Art, we hope you’ll find an awesome server to join! Users communicate with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media and files in private chats or as part of communities called "servers. Instead, we have to hide figure drawings behind a spoiler and describe what's behind it. A group for historical simmers. "Servers are a collection of persistent chat rooms and voice chat channels. Is there any discord servers for people draw digital art, like using Paint tool sai, etc. ART PROF DISCORD SERVER TEMPLATE We created a Discord server template that will save you hours of tedious hassle and grief of setting up your own server from scratch. Hello! (basically censoring art). Search for the best discord servers out there! ―――――― Artelot is a creative discord made to serve as a platform for a community focused on all things illustration and painting. Creative roles based on one's creativity skills Find the best undefined Discord servers. To build a house based on a picture from our discord. Thank you for your time. If the offender comes back and violates the rules again, they will be perma-banned. | 54,919 members We the owners, Raccy, Frog and Bee made this server to promote or Instagram as well as talk to our followers and new friends! •A Non-toxic community, everyone is kindhearted. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The largest, fairest place to find and share Discord Servers. Google Ads. Art Discord Server List Yat Chat. We also allow art in media and memes. A friendly and welcoming community of over 1.7k members from around the world. We have advanced search algorithms, thousands of categories, and detailed information about each server so you can decide which servers to join. Get link ; Mute this server ; Report this server ; fun ; art ; chilling ; learning ; art-history ; this server is for art. If big servers overwhelm you, we welcome you to come join our small community. Join to learn tips on capturing the best pictures, share your work, and meet others like you. Discord is now working with the f/WallStreetBets moderators after initially banning the server. We are Discord's first furry based marketplace! We are mainly a server for furry artists but all furries are welcome, and even non-furry artists are welcome to join and share their creations! Frequent Massive GIVEAWAYS ! Figure drawing is so standard in the art community. Contains both SFW and NSFW. This is an Art community Server. Brand new, looking for members : ) Close. This is a sever where you can be free to express yourself in many ways like art, memes, video game clips and more. Our recommendation is to create 1 server per class section. Top Gaming Among Us Fortnite Emotes New More Top Voted Servers. 舞~ - Access to WIPs of any larger scale lineart picture or comic I'm working on. Discord Tabletop. We have dedicated channels for: Commission, Request & Art-Advertisement! This is an art history server dedicated to all things art history including discussion on contemporary art, film, philosophy, and AP Art history help! •Special perks for my twitch subs. Vote. Simple, effective - connect with others. The roles right now are Rookie, Mod, Admin, and YouTube Subscriber. You can post photos, stories, and other forms of art as well. There's no discrimination, sexism, ageism, or being homophobic in any way shape are form etc.. We are a bee-themed Discord server that is mainly focused on art and streaming but also suited for anyone else who enjoys gaming or talking to other people. We’ve set permissions and privacy to suit a studio art course in a simple and straightforward manner. If you are an artist, graphic designer, sell fursuits, or looking to buy any of those, this is the server for you! ୨୧─・VIP Members ✧・─୨୧. We also have memes, octave to jam out to, and a vent chat room if you ever need to talk about some issues. Artifact is Discord's first furry-focused art and fursuiting commissioning and showcase marketplace hub! We are a small and new server (hoping to grow!) I noticed the last discord server thread I found was last year and the link has expired, so I am unsure if it's even active. 3. Welcome! Posted by. Even if you are not an artist you can join just to look at art or to chat with other members. If an admin finds hateful behavior, the offender will be warned. O Maior Grupo de artes do discord Brasileiro, Venha mostrar suas artes místicas. 22 members 50 emotes Hewwo, I am Bigjie! We hope to see you soon! Here we hope to offer users an experience of practical art-making, art history and theory and the possibility to enter a wonderful and highly active community of young artists of all styles and walks of life!