For most of you, a heater of the same size will be sufficient, so the search for the best size replacement pool heater … We probably should have investigated installation better prior to purchase, but that ship has sailed. Looking for a pool heating pump and have been told you need 13kW, here I explain how the experts choose your unit. For a standard size pool (21,000 gallons) most pool heaters are 300,000 – 400,000 BTU . If your pool is an odd shape, then try dividing it up into rectangles, circles and ovals ANSWER 0 The Curious Bag ... to find output BTU for the example pool heater, you would multiply 100,000 by 0.8 (80 percent converted to decimal). The pool is fairly small 35,000lts, and i believe the pump and filter i have already is overkill for this pool, I think the pool guy told me it can do a pool 3 times the size. My pool builder said he did not think we needed a larger meter. To do this is fairly straight forward. I can't really tap off of that, since it's in the front of the house. What determines the size you need is the size of the pool to be heated, the temperature you wish the pool to be heated to, and the outside temperature or climate. To size the Bryan Electric and the Bryan Heat Exchanger Type Pool Heater, use the same method as shown above, using a heater rated representative for sizing recommendations. What Pool Heater Size Do I Need? What size heat pump do I need for my pool? If you own a gas pool heater, chances are that you’ve either replaced it, or will need to replace the heater at some point in the future. Heat Pump Choices 12kw You require a 12kw heater - select from the following Our pool was completed last May, 2016. Choosing a pool heater that is too small results in it being overworked, as it constantly needs to run to try and heat the pool to the correct temperature, rarely … To extend the pool season in a colder area, we would recommend over sizing the heater for your pool size. Updated 3 months ago by Tom Hintze We have detailed size charts within the description of each heater depending on your requirements and applications. sheltered pool, multiply the requirement by 2.0 and select a Model DR or F650-WP. For more information and additional help with choosing your. Although you should leave the actual job of sizing a pool heater to trained professionals, we can give you a quick tour through the factors used in finding out the right size of heater. Our team at Pool Research walks you through how to figure out what size pool pump you need with our nifty calculator. If you want to heat the water quickly, you will have to use a To work out the size of pool heater requires that you match your pool to the BTH/Hr rates specified by the pool manufacturer. Exclusive discounts Subscribe to our Newsletter and receive pool maintenance tips and get exclusive offers on pool heaters and pool … In the end, it should be yes! Explore Home Decor Exterior Pool And SPA Backyard Pool. It’s true – when the weather is beautiful outside it’s not essential that you need a pool heater, but if you want to keep using your pool all year round then a pool heater is ideal. We have tried to show you every single point which is a must to consider. Now that you know how many gallons of water are in your pool, you’re ready for the next step. What size pool heater do I need? When sizing a heater, the surface area of the pool as well as the difference between the average external air temperature and the pool need to be taken into account. We’re here with a simple, step-by-step guide on how to work out what size water heater you need to service your home. At a minimum you would need a 400K btu gas heater. “What size heater do I need for my pool?” you may ask. I want to run a gas line to my pool for a heater which will be approximately 75 feet from my main meter. For sizing solar and electrical heaters, refer to each individual heater's documentation. Of course, in some states this is not possible to keep swimming in the winter because the weather is just too cold. . Pool heater size It’s essential to buy the right size heater for your pool, as the installation process simply won’t work otherwise. We built a new pool last fall and the heater recommended for that size pool was 250k btu's, so that is what we bought. Recently, because of a leak in the main gas line, the gas people were out (Centerpoint-Houston). Pool Size and Heater Size We’re almost done. are an absolute requirement. For a circular pool, it’s simply the diameter of the pool, squared, and multiplied by 0.79. This pool is larger than a 20 x 40' pool or 800 sq. Call a pool heating expert at 800-741-9956 or provide us with some information about your pool on the form below and we will respond in 24 to 36 hours. In this case, the output BTU would be 80,000 Because different sized pools hold different amounts of water, they require custom-sized heaters to raise the water temperature and keep it steady For many, natural gas or propane-fueled pool heaters are an absolute requirement. The Kit is 28m2, The Pump I have already on the filter is a Onga PPP1500 (1.5hp) connected to an Onga P25 Sand Filter. Choosing the best pool heater for your needs depends on many factors: where you live, your budget, and the size of your pool. Article from What Size Pool Heater Do I Need? The size of the pool and the temperatures it will be working in are the two biggest factors. Yup, with your pool size and location in mind, you have 60% of the information you need to size a pool heat pump. So how do you know how big your pool heater needs to be? What size heat pump or gas heater do I need for my pool? Externally, the gas tank is … ft. 225,180 / 24 = 9,382 Now that you know how much heat is required to achieve one degree of temperature change over 24 hours you can use that as a multiplier, along with the number of degrees of desired temperature increase, to determine how many BTUs are necessary for your pool … Propane gas tanks carry liquid propane which vaporizes when the tank is opened and releases as the gas that is used as fuel to your heater. Keep in mind, this is simply the recommended minimum size . May 27, 2018 - Here's how to keep your pool warm at night this summer. A trained pool heating professional can perform a proper sizing analysis for your swimming pool to determine the correct pool heater size that you need. Let a pool heating professional do the work. Since using the heater, it sounds like a jet engine taking off. Meaning, I wouldn't go lower but I might need to go a little higher. Whenever I talk to another pool professional about calculating heater size, I usually see their eyes glaze over. What size pool heater do I need? Because of this you will need at least a 200 gallons of propane to satisfy the amount of pressure to run these heaters. For an oval pool, use length by width multiplied by 0.9. How to size a pool heat pump | What size pool heater do I need You may not realize it, but you’re already halfway done. What size Tank do I need? We always recommend Isn’t it 100% clear to you what size heat pump do I need for my swimming pool? Whatever type of pump you decide to use, it’s always great to consult an expert who specializes in pools in your area before you make a purchase. Not that sizing a pool heater is super difficult, but if you want to do it right, you need to do some calculations first. To do this you'll divide the pool volume in pounds by 24. So how do you know what size water heater is the perfect fit for your household? One of the first things to know about sizing a pool heater is that water volume isn’t the essential aspect of determining how powerful the heater … Hi Karen, Your pool will hold approximately 16,000 gallons of water. Therefore, the minimum size heater that is recommended for a 15 x 30 pool is 150,000 BTUs. There are various factors that will determine the size you will need. The size of heat pump that you’ll need for your pool will depend on the size of your pool, the thermal properties of your pool structure, wind speed, water velocity, water table and whether or not you’re using a heat retention cover. Calculate the size of heat pump you need for your swimming pool with this handy swimming pool heat pump size calculator, get in touch for a free quote. Pool Heating Pump Systems: how to calculate heat loss and heater size This Blog post goes in a bit of detail the In the end, it should be yes! What Size Propane Tank Do I need for My Pool Heater? There are a few primary factors that go into finding the right size pool pump. I just purchased a solar pool heating kit for the pool and need some advice. Below is a helpful little table that will tell you what size heater you need based on how An important thing of consideration is that the size of the pool heater should be consistent with your requirement. Heater performance may vary depending on weather conditions - wind, shade, etc.